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21 Grounding Techniques That Can Get You Back in the Moment

How do you treat trauma

Sometimes, what’s going-on in the immediate is so overwhelming and activating we find ourselves in another emotional or mental dimension. It’s scary, and as much as we want to get back in the moment, we just don’t know how. Enter grounding techniques. Let’s get to work…  

Chips Off the Old Block: Yikes! This Edition Even Includes a Free Trial ($$$)

Is there a cure for depression

Well, it’s that time again. Every so often I like to bring you a “3 or 4 for 1” article special. Truth is, sometimes I can’t land on just one topic for a piece, so two years ago I decided to go with the “Chips Off…” mini-articles thing. Readers say they like it, and so do I. What say we get busy…

Derealization & Depersonalization: What Is This Horror? Can It Go Away?

What is depersonalization

Scary things seemingly loom around every corner when you’re struggling with a mood or anxiety disorder, and I’ve experienced most all of them. But, by far, the super-scariest of them all were derealization and depersonalization. Keyword in that last sentence, “were.” Let’s learn, and chill…

Our Reward System & Dopamine: Incredible, Life-Sustaining (a Trap)

What does dopamine do

The work of our brains is beyond incredible. And its design, and how it evolved, continues to be hard for me to wrap my arms around. Just one example is our reward system. Without it, we don’t exist. With it, we have to remain aware of the trap potential. Let’s open the door….

Our Teens & School Mass Shootings: Where Have We Gone Wrong?

High school shootings

Being a teen in America is a dicey proposition. Sure, those years have never been the easiest, but school mass shootings have taken the accepted teenage plight well beyond tolerance. So where have we gone wrong? Tap-in and let’s talk about it…