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“Lotta’ Good That’ll Do.” 15 Reasons to Keep an Open Mind About Counseling


And then there are scads of psychiatrists and primary care physicians who under the influence of Big Pharma tell us meds are the answer - "Hallelujah, it's a murkle!" Finally, the quality of service offered by many counselors is iffy, at best. Is it any wonder those enduring difficult emotional/mental circumstances choose to thumb their noses at counseling, sticking with the couch and remote? Tap-on-in, k?

Resistance | The Invisible Barrier to Healing (That Begs to Be Seen)

Borderline Personality Disorder

News flash! It's my opinion a client may well be at the very gates of a therapeutic breakthrough when resistance presents. No way do I perceive resistance as a negative and get my 'lil 'ole feelings hurt. It's opportunity time. The rubber has met the road and there's work to be done. Tap on in for more...

Acceptance | The Missing Piece to the Healing Puzzle

Borderline Personality Disorder

Unfortunately, we never consider the option of leaving the battlefield and living our lives - now. Sure, the war will continue for a time, and it may remain visible. However, if we exit the battlefield and choose life, the outcome of the war will no longer be important. Come on in for so much more...

“ISIS, Ebola, the News. Oh My!” | 10 Thoughts to Soothe Your Frightened Mind

Major Depressive Disorder

These are days for vigilance, to be sure - for anyone. But for those enduring mood and anxiety disorders, perception often calls for more than just being watchful. The reaction may well be it's time to go into full survival mode, and that can cause all sorts of problems. Tap-on-in for some soothing perspective...