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Chips Off the Old Block | Even More Informative Yummies from the Inbox

How to treat depression

Doesn't take long for the Chipur inbox to fill with emails containing "informative yummies." Those would be relevant and useful tidbits of info from helping folk that need to get passed-on to you. So that means it's time for another in our Chips Off the Old Block series. No time to waste, so let's dig-in...

The Truth About Tic Disorders | Challenging Stigma, Restoring Lives

Do I Have a Tic Disorder

Imagine what it would be like to involuntarily and repetitively move in some manner or make sounds - out of nowhere. Or what if it came to blurting-out obscenities or socially inappropriate remarks? How 'bout barking? Think that would rip you up inside, and socially, like our friend above? Let's lock-in on the truth about tic disorders...