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Must-Read Bipolarity Information: Mixed Mood States and Rapid Cycling

What is bipolar disorder

Bipolarity: a brutal set of circumstances for millions. But as troubling, and prevalent, as it is, it doesn't get near the attention it deserves. So let's work on that, as we discuss mixed mood states and rapid cycling. This really is must-read information...

Locus of Control: Is Yours an “Innie” or an “Outie?” (And why it matters)

Will my anxiety go away

"Why am I depressed?" "Will my anxiety go away?" "Can depression be cured?" Anyone dealing with a mood or anxiety disorder has asked those questions zillions of times. Remedies for pain, that's all we want. But why bother, if we believe our circumstances are beyond our management? What say we learn about locus of control?

10 Life-Changing Truths for Those Enduring a Mood or Anxiety Disorder | Happy 2016!

How to Beat Depression

Happy 2016, one and all! And now it's time for my annual New Year's Resolutions directive, to include 100 that I will personally pull-off with great style and ease. Mmmm, well - no. Never been much of a NYR kind of guy. But, I will share 10 life-changing truths you can take-in to 2016. Will that work? Come on, let's take a look...

Top 3 Ways to Silence Your Inner Demons this Holiday Season (and Beyond!)

Depression and the Holidays

"It's the most wonderful time of the year. With the kids jingle-belling and everyone telling you be of good cheer..." Okay, cut! All good for singer Andy Williams in 1963, but likely a bit of a stretch for many who happen-by here. Fact is, our inner demons may be howling right about now. So what are we gonna' do about that?

10 Reasons Why Suffering Is Good for Us (Still, it ain’t much fun.)

Will my depression go away

"I suffer, therefore I am." Though René Descartes went with "think" as the first verb, I'm wondering if he'd have had a problem with this version of his philosophical proposition. I mean, within the realm of the emotional/mental disorders, it's always about the suffering. But I gotta' ask, is suffering necessarily a bad thing?

“If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.” | A Holiday Season Primer

How to treat depression

Um, it's here. With Thanksgiving Day at our doorsteps, the holiday season has arrived. Tens of millions are gleefully all over it, visions of sugar-plums dancing in their heads. Yeah, but my money says tens of millions enduring a mood or anxiety disorder are settling their brains for a long winter's nap...

Bipolar Disorder: The ‘Exciting’ and ‘Comforting’ Brain Neuron Connection

What causes bipolar disorder

Thirty years ago, still in the grasp of merciless anxiety and panic, I finally came to know the workings of my brain were, well, funky. Since then, I've done all I could to understand the how's and why's of it all. And I've always found that comforting. Is bipolarity of interest to you? Perhaps I can provide some of the same comfort...