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We all thought it was a cool tattoo. Who knew it was your second brain?

Gut mind connection

When it comes to dealing with a mood or anxiety disorder, seems to me there isn't a cause or treatment option that can be automatically dismissed. I mean, no stone is to be left unturned. Right? And so it is with the gut. How 'bout we take a trip downstairs? Excellent guest post...

Your Beaker, My Beaker: Why It’s Crucial to Understand They’re Different

How to beat depression

Heck if I know how it evolved, but I refer to my overall stress load in beaker terms. So it's "The beaker's overflowing at the moment." Or "I need to pour a little out of the 'ole beaker." Doesn't much matter how we express it. But monitoring our stress load is huge. And understanding our beakers are different is crucial...