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Chips Off the Old Block | Informative Yummies from the Inbox

How to beat depression

Encouraging readers to email what's on their mind has always been a priority here. And you've kept my inbox hoppin'. Most of what I receive really merits mention on Chipur, but I needed to come up with a practical way of getting the info to you. Problem solved. Here's the first edition of Chips Off the Old Block...

The Disappointment of Antidepressants: You Really Need to Read This Study

Do antidepressants work

You have depression, you take an antidepressant. And zip-zip, life is sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows. Right? Ah, were it a perfect world. And an Aussie study assures us it just isn't. But all is not lost. Lots of interesting, hopeful - yet direct - information ahead. So dig in with me...

We all thought it was a cool tattoo. Who knew it was your second brain?

Gut mind connection

When it comes to dealing with a mood or anxiety disorder, seems to me there isn't a cause or treatment option that can be automatically dismissed. I mean, no stone is to be left unturned. Right? And so it is with the gut. How 'bout we take a trip downstairs? Excellent guest post...