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Escaping Your Personal Prison | How to Access Your Inner Self and Inner Peace


In Part 1 of this two-part series, I introduced the concept of securing inner peace through finding and freeing our imprisoned Inner Self. This powerful notion was presented to me during a therapy seminar a few weeks back. So let's roll-up our sleeves and learn how to access the Inner Self - and inner peace...

Escaping Your Personal Prison | Finding Your Inner Self (and Inner Peace)


Attended a therapy seminar last week, which served its intended purpose. However, I absorbed so much from the material used to set the table for that intended purpose. It was all about the Inner Self, the home of inner peace. The thought/theory is special, so I want to share. Tap-on-in...

The Impact of Existence | Why is the End So Troubling?

Major Depressive Disorder

I began writing this piece about 10 days ago as I sat with my 90-year-old father, who happened to be occupying a hospital bed. Bless his heart, his cognition and gait just ran out of steam. After a five-day stay he was transitioned to a rehabilitation center, where he still resides. Tap-on-in, k?

“S.A.I.L.” | A Powerful in the Moment Anxiety-Busting Technique

Major Depressive Disorder

So let's set the scene. You're going out to dinner with a friend. Lord knows you didn’t want to; however, you – the one who can't say "no" – caved-in. Well, the event's at hand; and you find yourself on the threshold of being trapped in one of your most uncomfortable and vulnerable positions – seated at a table for two, smack-dab in the middle of the main dining room of a tony restaurant. Yikes! What to do? Tap on in...