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The Anger Opportunity | 12 Points of Perspective and Growth

Anger Management

"Okay, Mr. Bill. So now you have me believing anger may be contributing to my panic attack symptoms, depression, and hair-on-fire stress. Shoot, they're probably generating anger, too. Back to you, smart-guy. What are we gonna' do about this supposed 'anger management' problem of mine?" Hmmm, let's talk...

Chipur Named to Psych Central’s Best of the Web 2014

Major Depressive Disorder

Was taking care of biz last Thursday afternoon and decided to check my email. The subject line - "Congratulations from Psych Central on your blog." And if that wasn't enough to set my heart a racin', it was from Psych Central's founder and producer John Grohol, PsyD. Come on in, I'll share...

Lost and Clueless? 22 Signs That Hidden Anger May Be a Problem


Tricky thing about anger is it can be so destructive, yet it isn't rage - so it's often not given its due. No, anger - within this particular context - is more about being chronically irritable, annoyed, and "Dang, I'm ticked-off." And that's an unfortunate way to live. So tap-in and let's see what we can figure out...