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Your Beaker, My Beaker: Why It’s Crucial to Understand They’re Different

How to beat depression

Heck if I know how it evolved, but I refer to my overall stress load in beaker terms. So it's "The beaker's overflowing at the moment." Or "I need to pour a little out of the 'ole beaker." Doesn't much matter how we express it. But monitoring our stress load is huge. And understanding our beakers are different is crucial...

“It Is Well with My Soul”: A Tale of Family Tragedy, Courage, and Victory

How do I beat depression

Life is such an opportunity. If you participate with open eyes and ears, you never know when you'll come upon a save-worthy moment. I had one several weeks ago, and I'd like to share. By the way, don't you think it's good for us to push-away from the psychobabble table every now and then?

Cognitive Restructuring: Do Not Make This Disastrous Mistake (Crash, Boom!)

Can depression be cured

What we think drives how we feel. I buy that. You? So that means if we restructure distorted thoughts, we can expect improved mood and decreased anxiety. I'm in. But is cognitive restructuring an automatic fix just because the manual says so? Operating on that assumption is a disastrous mistake...