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A Little Time off with Some Folks I Know

Major Depressive Disorder

It isn’t often I take time away from Chipur production; however, I’m doin’ it now – for a week or so, anyway. Breaks are a good thing, and spending time with those closest to you is even better.

In addition to rarely breaking-away from Chipur production, I way most often don’t share information about my family. This “world wide web” thing can sink its claws into anyone’s life in a millisecond. Okay, I signed up for it; however, my crew didn’t. So they’re typically kept away from the stage lights.

But in explaining my production vacation, I decided to shine a light on my son and daughter. And that’s because I’m with them (granddaughter too, but I won’t share her pic) celebrating two wonderful occasions – Christmas and my son’s graduation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in electrical engineering.

These are sweet times with sweet folk.

So that’s the skinny. No mood/anxiety article this week, however, you know I’ll bring you a hot one here shortly. Oh, and if you need to reach me regarding a consultation, coaching|mentoring, or questions – have at it, as I’ll be checking my email, etc.

Take good care of yourself, okay? And whatever it is you may be celebrating through the end of the year, please accept my best wishes…


  • How wonderful! Enjoy this time with your children and granddaughter, Bill – and congratulations to your son!

    • Appreciate it, Lisa. I’ll pass the congrats on to my son. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  • Patricia Miller

    I am so happy you and your family were able to get together to celebrate some fabulous milestones, and that you didn’t take time to write a new article this week. Your progeny look so happy, and I can imagine the smile on your face was even bigger when you took the photo. Congratulations, proud father.

    • Thank you, Patricia. Always grateful for your visits and participation. Excellent times, for sure. Will be getting back in the article swing (pretty sure, LOL) this week. Hoping you had good times with your crew.


  • npeden

    Hey, Bill, your kids are beautiful! Much love to all in the New Year and a special congrats to your son on his graduation. WhooHoo!

    • Thank you, Nancy. Wishing you a wonderful 2015. You work so hard at becoming the best you – you deserve the best.