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A Thanksgiving Message and Poem

Living with Depression

Thanksgiving Day – that span of 24-hours during which we’re supposed to muster a degree of thanks for something-or-another and express it. Fact is, that’s not often an easy task for someone living with depression, coping with anxiety, or recovering from a manic episode.

If you’re chin-deep in any of the above – or a loved-one or friend of someone who is – the concept of thanks can be tough to embrace. I don’t think that’s so hard to understand, do you? And I’m not going to tell you you need to get over yourself and dial-in to a measure of gratitude. Insensitive and naive I am not.

I will, however, stick my neck out and say I hope you’re able to feel and express thanks for something – no matter how seemingly small. It really is a sweet sensation. And if that “something” happens to be a someone – perhaps a pet – your heartfelt expression of thanks would mean so very much. Don’t rob a soul of that (including yours).

I’ll be thankful for much this Thanksgiving Day – as I am throughout the year. Oh, there’s my children, family, friends, my mental/emotional health and alcoholism recovery, and my physical health.

And I’m thankful for my Chipur readers and distance counseling clients. What a joy and inspiration all of you are.

So how ’bout I show my thanks in a manner that comes naturally? Here’s a poem I wrote several years ago – one I hope will bring nourishment and satisfaction to your table…

The Secrets of Our Souls

We hold these things so very near
The secrets of our souls
The very blood of humankind
The stories never told

From day to day we run about so safely closed within
And so pretend to coexist with all our hidden sin

Enclosed within this prison cell the pulse of human spirit
Thoughts we’d sworn to never tell
No ears shall ever hear it

Strange we think our little world
And strongly so peculiar
As if we fool yet anyone
Our tragedy secure here

Oh to choose a better form of honest self expression
To know the one we truly are
Of honest comprehension

Chance we now to all reveal the secrets of our souls
The very blood of humankind
The tale so boldly told

Happy Thanksgiving 2012!!!


P.S. Many are alone today – even amongst family and friends. Some by choice, some not. My heart goes out to you ’cause I know what that feels like. Don’t give-up, okay?

  • Megan

    Very good! I always see people being happy and the old stereotypes but for those of us who live in fear, well, it’s hard to find thanks. We don’t want to sound ungrateful because we know we SHOULD be happy but something’s wrong. You’re right that even in the midst of people we can be so very alone with this invisible burden to shoulder. And the tears, of course, seem to be the only thing overflowing in this season that is supposed to represent bounty and health. We can’t give up though we might want to. Each battle just makes us stronger– even though it seems that life itself is spinning away. And we can’t give up. That’s not our right even if it feels like the only choice.

    • Dang, Megan – you write better than I do! Perhaps you ought to be the real Chipur (maybe you are). Thank you so much for your well-considered and meaningful feelings and thoughts…

    • Patricia Miller

      Way to keep positive and optimistic in the face of the real pain and struggle of life. You are right; giving up is not the option of the day. Hang in there and know you are never truly as alone as you feel.

      • Megan

        Thanks, Patricia! :)

      • Thank you for your kind reply to Megan’s comment, Patricia. Support and encouragement from others is just huge!!!