Welcome to Chipur! If you’re struggling with a mood or anxiety disorder, you’ve come to a good place. Dig-in, okay? Thank you for stopping-by. Bill

Why Chipur?

What Can I Do About Depression

Hi, I’m Bill White, founder and producer of Chipur. I don’t know what your particular circumstances are, but if you’re wondering what you can do about your mood and/or anxiety dilemma, you’ve come to a good place.

Everything you read on Chipur comes from a unique and powerful perspective. True, I’m a mental health professional; however, perhaps more relevant is the fact that I continue to manage the mood and anxiety disorders with which I’ve been “blessed” for decades. And let’s add to the mix uninterrupted sobriety since 11.3.84. So let there be no doubt, been there done that. 

If you’re looking for mood and anxiety disorder “sharing, learning, healing,” you’ll be interested in Chipur’s content. But please understand, when it comes to “healing,” Chipur nor I can/will do that. This is but a resource reservoir – a place where you can do some sharing and learning, using it to enhance your personal healing journey.

Chipur offers hundreds of articles that I’ve carefully crafted and posted over the years. The subject matter is diverse, including pieces on the biology and psychology of depression, anxiety, and bipolarity – as well as supplements/medications (I am not a physician) and good-old-fashioned “Feelin’ Better” articles.

Now, I produce Chipur so you may be thinking “Of course he’s going to say Chipur is all that.” Good point. So how ’bout just one testimonial…

Hi Bill, I’m Janey from Australia. I have suffered from major episodes of depression/anxiety for around 20 years. I simply want to say what a goldmine Chipur is! It is the most sensible, logical and do-able bunch of information on mental health I have come across. At present I am in an episode. The doc has increased my meds so I’m waiting for those to kick in, but in the meantime I am reading articles on your site for around half an hour per day, just to ‘drip feed’ regularly the information to my brain. So I really only wanted to say thanks. I hope you and your family are well.
Kind regards

More? Here ya’ go.

“What can I do about depression?” “What can I do about anxiety?” “What can I do about bipolarity?” I encourage you to become a frequent Chipur visitor and participant. And please remember, the strength of Chipur is grounded in readers helping readers. So let’s share, learn, and work together toward healing.

I’m glad you’re here…

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