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Chipur Reader Patricia Featured in The Washington Post

Major Depressive Disorder

If you frequent Chipur you know it’s a haven of sharing, learning, and healing for those enduring mood and anxiety disorders. That makes this a community, and one of our members recently shared some very cool news.

Patricia has been a faithful Chipur reader and contributor for quite some time. She’s also a moderator for Pandora’s Aquarium, a message board for survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Seems Washington Post reporter Tina Griego needed an expert opinion for her article ‘I need to tell you something.’: How survivors of sexual assault tell their children. Guess who she called upon. That’s right, our Patricia.

Be sure to tap both links, k? Great reading.

Hey, if you’re hangin’ at Chipur, you’re hangin’ with some quality folk. Had to share…


  • Wow! What a great woman Patricia is and what an amazing service her site is. I registered but can’t get in but look forward to it, sort of. May find some help for my own childhood abuse….thanks, Bill and congrats, Patricia!

    • How ’bout those Chipur readers!!! You’re welcome, Nancy…

    • Patricia Miller

      Hey Nancy, the registration is a two step validation process for each new account. If you are still having problems getting an account, please send an email to which is my admin account and we can get your account squared away. I’m so sorry you have a childhood history of trauma. I can tell you that it is easier to work on it when you are not alone. Gentle care. …Patricia

      • Patricia, you made me cry. That is a good thing. I will get onto the site somehow. Thanks.

      • Sweet, Patricia. Thank you…