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It’s Just One of Those Days! “But I’ll prevail!”

Ever have one of those days when you emotionally, mentally, and physically just kind of crash? Hmmm – I’m kind of thinkin’ you have. Am I right? Well, not to worry – not at all uncommon or alarming. At least if you frame it correctly.

Actually, I’m in the midst of one today. Yes, right now – just as I’m writing this. I mean, what better time to share relevant and helpful stuff than when the situation is hot on the front burner.

Let’s see, how ‘bout some common symptoms…

  • Looking for a crane to get you out of bed
  • Hoping somehow your eyes will open
  • Feeling as though you just went 15 rounds with Mike Tyson (making sure you have both ears)
  • Doing all you can to ensure one foot goes in front of the other on the way to the bathroom
  • Blowing off the workout because it’s all you can do to walk (or crawl)
  • Wondering how in the heck you’re going to put a day together when you can barely put your pants on
  • A pounding head, especially right above your eyes
  • Crawling to the kitchen for coffee
  • Wondering, “Am I watching a video of yesterday?”
  • Dealing with that quick flash of fear, wondering if you’ve fallen back to the old days of icky symptoms you’d just as soon forget

I knew full well this was going to happen this morning. As usual, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends with all kinds of work and other stuff. I can recall doing some writing last night at a local eatery, on-call for E.R. psychiatric crises, experiencing the sensation of enough’s enough. At that point I began some incredible self-sustaining self-talk and visualization to get me through. And the very cool thing was I, indeed, got paged and headed off to the E.R. – and actually chuckled to myself the whole way. Yes – it was funny to me. My God, on top of everything else – I actually got paged!

Well, I got home around 1a and the bed never felt so good. Of course, I was wired, so I turned on the TV and flipped to Turner Classic Movies. Man, I caught an old western. Love ’em. And how great it felt watching the flick, feeling so safe and warm in the sack, and mulling over the day.

And you know what? As emotionally, mentally, and physically tired as I was; all was very well. And that’s because I knew I gave all I had. As the saying goes, “I left it all on the field.” What more could I say – or do? But you want to know why I felt – and feel – especially good?

I remember all too well the days when I’d have been a mess, and they’re gone!

Today’s chipur thought was grounded in a phone conversation I had last night with a chipur reader, Inna from Wisconsin. She’d had a bit of a tough time driving home from work, so she called me. What a great conversation we had, as we laughed our way through her immediate circumstances. Heck, she even came up with a great coping technique – a visualization of a large red reset button. What a hoot, and very effective.

Well, I’m rambling, but I do have a few final points to make…

  • We will have icky days
  • We have the foresight to know they’re coming (and, ultimately, manage ourselves so they’re less frequent)
  • We have the internal and external resources to deal with them
  • We have to brush ourselves off and keep moving forward
  • We will prevail (and embrace some very sweet moments)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on, chipur readers – won’t you comment?

  • karen

    congrats on making it through one of those days very intact, albeit exhausted, ablle to count your blessings, and do your post!!!!!!!!!! it’s good to be reminded of the progress we are all making and that “bad days” are a step sideways. not backwards. Happy May Day!

    • Happy May Day! to you, Karen. And thank you for the congrats. Yes, bad days are only a step sideways. You sound very perky this morning. Take Care!

  • Patricia Miller

    I always call this “plugging away” in the hopes that tomorrow will be better than the rough today that pops up occasionally. I will say that if I’ve been pushing really hard, and know the totally trashed day is coming up on a Saturday, I plan a “pajama day”. I do minimal chores, fix sandwiches or salads, and plan pleasurable activities to recharge. I like to read, draw, do needlecrafts, or knit. Thank you for the reminder that “we will prevail!”

    • “Plugging away,” indeed. Reality is, what choice have we? I mean, we can’t succumb to those days that throw us curves!!! ‘Course, those of us who endure mood and/or anxiety disorders may well face a few more than the average Joan or Joe out there. I like it – “pajama day.” Sounds like a nice reward. Thanks for your visit and contribution, Patricia…

  • Ben Gott

    Patricia, I love your “pajama day” idea. I have another trick up my sleeve, too.

    I’m a middle school teacher, but anyone can put together a variation on this theme: several years ago, I began putting “good things” — thank you notes from students and parents, kudos from my boss, cards from my niece or my cousins — into a yellow folder in the filing cabinet in my home office. I started off with just a few items, but, over the years, the folder has grown substantially — now it’s almost as big as the folder with all my tax stuff in it! ;-)

    When I’m feeling low or unmotivated or — dare I say it? — stuck in one of those ruts where I question my own ability to cope with all that life is throwing at me, I pull out my yellow folder and flip through it. Sometimes, remembering that other people appreciate me reminds me to appreciate myself, you know?

    • Hey Ben!
      Great hearing from you, again. I love the “yellow folder” idea. And I’m thinking since it’s grown substantially over the years, you’ve been doing some pretty cool things. Glad it works for you. Thanks, as always, for your visit and participation…

    • Patricia Miller

      I also save my “love notes” from the children and teens I serve. I keep them in a drawer in my bedroom. You are so right, Ben, that it does my heart a world of good to remember that if these children see something of value in me, there there truly MUST be something special there. Children are not going to waste their time with adults that have no true value to them and have no places in their hearts. I am so glad you are the type of teacher that children love.