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Giving Up (Isn’t an Option)

How to Get Over Anxiety

You worked so hard over the past two years, your eyes fixed upon the position since you hired-on. It was everything you wanted professionally, and you loved the company you worked for.

Well, the promotion hadn’t occurred and you began to run out of hope two months ago. So you decided to shop around, saying to yourself, “Heck, maybe I’d be better off elsewhere.”

You got word of an open position with another company just like the one you have now, with the very same opportunity for promotion to your dream job. You interviewed for the position and about 10 days later you received an offer, which you accepted.

So you submitted your two week notice and when your manager asked if you were sure, you nodded your head in affirmation. And that was that.

Your soon-to-be ex-manager took you out to lunch on your last day at the office. She even sprung for a bottle of wine. And then she dropped the bomb. She told you your name had been submitted for promotion (remember – that job you craved?) and she was sure the job would have been yours.

But it seems her boss couldn’t tolerate your “betrayal,” and instructed your manager to leave well enough alone – letting you go.

Enter the wisdom of Thomas Edison…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

That quotation has brought me an amazing amount of hope and drive over the many years.

I remember so well the utter hopelessness and helplessness I felt as I was enduring and battling panic, anxiety, depression, and alcoholism. I mean, I’d work and work and work some more; however, in my mind anyway, just couldn’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And you’d better know I thought plenty of times about throwing in the towel – but some sort of stupid blind faith well beyond my conscious awareness kept my nose to the grindstone.

And the same dynamics are involved with chipur. I devote so much time and sweat to the project and can’t imagine why I don’t have 1,000,000 hits a day and hundreds of thousands of readers and comments (as unrealistic as that may be just now).

Again, you’d better know there have been times when I publish an article and wonder, “Okay, so who’s really going read, appreciate, and comment on this?” But give up? No way.

So what about you? Whether it has to do with a mood, anxiety, or substance abuse issue – or something else entirely – have you ever felt like giving up?

Maybe you do right now. Maybe you already have. Yes, in spite of your emotional, mental, physical, relational, and financial investment; you’re ready to cash-out.

But consider this. Okay, you may not be realizing the results for which you long. Heck, for all I know you may not be realizing any positive results whatsoever. But what if all this time something incredibly positive and powerful was building way down deep inside – again, well beyond your conscious awareness?

And what if it all was about to blossom – within days – and take you to a place you could never have imagined?

And you quit, causing a deflation and demeaning of self seemingly surpassing the potential for recovery?

What then?

Again, those words from Thomas Edison (who, no doubt, experienced the same in his work – how do you think he came up with the observation?)…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Hanging in there has more than paid off for me. How couldn’t it work for you?

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  • Anonymous

    I’m reading, Bill.  Thanks for all you do.  If I didn’t have a great counselor already I would have given you a call.

    • Well, thank you. I’m glad you get to reap the benefits of a great counselor. It’s my pleasure bringing you – all chipur readers – quality content. I appreciate your readership (and comment).


  • Avs3463

    10 years of this is too much i am not going to tell the services this time how i feel im going to pretend all is ok then kill myself when the time is right

  • Patricia Miller

    I’m not going to give up. Thank you.

    • You’re more than welcome!!! Yes, giving up is not an option. Stay strong! Bill

  • Marianne

    After many years of viewing my dream of getting my master’s degree, I finally decided to go back to college a year and a half ago. My dream became a reality last week when I was awarded my master’s degree in Early Childhood Education!! I was slightly disappointed when I found out I have to take another state test to get my pay increase, but I am almost there! :-D


    • Patricia Miller

      I always have to celebrate with people who are moving on in education. I spent 25 years in education and now and working in a ministry positions, which still ends up being education in many ways. Congratulations on reaching your goal, your dream and allow me to celebrate with you! Great work.

      • Sweet of you, Patricia…

    • Such great news, Marianne. Congratulations! I’m so glad you shared here on Chipur. Boy, it’s never too late to jump back into the education realm – good for you for having the resolve to move forward. Hey! I didn’t go back to school for my master’s in counseling until I was 49. Kudos to we late-bloomers!


  • Megan

    This is what I certainly needed today. I run out of hope easily. I know I’m not supposed to– but I do. I’m not tip top yet but maybe someday I can be. Even though I still have my symptoms, I want to move forward and do all the things I would do if I didn’t have them. (Does that make sense?)

    • Hi Megan!
      Oh, I don’t think there’s really any “supposed to” when it comes to what goes on in our minds and hearts. If you fall a little short on hope, you do what it takes to supplement. Hey, you came here – and I’m glad. However, there are tons of other sources floating about out there for you to turn to. “I’m not tip top yet but maybe someday I can be.” That mindset is so very important as we move through recovery. It shows spirit and determination – and tells me, anyway, you haven’t given up. Of course, it makes perfect sense – continue sure forward motion in the midst of your symptoms – as if they don’t exist. And I’m thinking one day, that will be reality. Always good hearing from you, Megan…

    • Patricia Miller

      Dear Megan,
      I know it sure makes sense to me as a person who finds that many days I just do my best with what I have “available” in the emotional pot and pray for the next day to be better. That is basically the essence of hope, and that is what it sounds like you are doing. For a long time I thought that was being fake, but I don’t believe that is true any more. I believe you are moving forward in the genuine BELIEF that there is healing and resolution to those symptoms in your future, afterall, we are much more than the symptoms we battle. You have a successful battle today; I know you will be victorious.– Patricia

      • Megan

        Dear Patricia,

        Thanks so much for the sweet reply! I didn’t expect anyone to really comment and what I said– well, besides Bill since this is his site. Thanks so much for the encouragement. It reminds me that of Hebrews 11:1 “faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” I don’t know why but I think faith and hope and really intertwined. Not just religious faith or hope– I mean any kind of faith and hope. It is important to people like us because we are dealing with things we cannot see nor really explain. It’s important that just like our pain (which we can’t see) there is also hope and faith (which we also can’t see) that is on the flip-side of that coin and are two very good aspects. I very well could just be making no sense right now. Thanks so much for the message. I really needed it today and I will need it tomorrow and the next day for sure. :)


      • I’m very deeply touched by your exchange with Patricia, Megan. When I was working on crankin’ Chipur up several years ago, the communication – identification, support, and encouragement – between Patricia and you is exactly what I had in mind. I’m moved by it – and appreciate your visits and participation…