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I’m Thankful for You, Chipur Reader | Wishing You the Best on This Thanksgiving Day

Major Depressive Disorder

So it’s Thanksgiving Day here in the US of A. I don’t pretend to know what that means to you. Still, I hope you have a sweet day, and will in some way reach-out and shine a light upon at least one soul.

It’s important to me on this thanks-theme day to tell you how much I appreciate your visits. After all, without you Chipur doesn’t roll. And an opportunity for thousands to catch some sharing, learning, and healing falls by the wayside.

Take good care of yourself, okay? Oh, and here’s a piece I posted earlier in the week that may bring you a little holiday season relief.

Thank You…

  • Ellie James

    If you are suffering from depression, I recommend the Destroy Depression system.
    Written by a former sufferer of depression, it teaches a simple 7-step process to eliminate depression from your life.

    • Thanks for the visit and comment, Ellie.

      Chipur readers, my first reaction was to delete this comment. But I decided to let it roll to make a point. I’ve just visited the Destroy Depression System site – in fact, I’ll even provide a link I’d like to know what you think after eyeballing what the author presents, and its true content.

      Hey, could be a miracle – for all I know. I have to say, though, I’m very skeptical of sites/marketing like this. Interesting that Ellie James posted this comment. A testimonial is listed on the website from Ellie F. Coincidence? Could be.

      At any rate, Chipur is a haven of sharing, learning, and healing. So there you have it…


  • Patricia Miller

    There should be a commercial jingle that goes with this comment called “Self-promotion Spam-a-lot” Just my thoughts…..I am not a fan of “simple” eradication methods to something as complex as mental and behavioral health issues that have such a clear biological connection.

    • Yeah, I’m with you, Patricia. Like I said, when I first read the comment I wanted to delete it. But then I figured it would be a good idea to let it stand so folks can see the iffy stuff floating around in cyberspace. There’s absolutely no way I’d allow Chipur to be presented like that. Are you kidding me? And the sad thing is, the guy’s program may have some merit, but given the presentation, who cares?

      Thanks for your visit and comment, k?