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12 Things to Contemplate When MEDS Are Lookin’ (Awfully) GOOD

Do meds for depression work

Hypothyroid issues? "Synthroid's for me." High cholesterol? "Let's do Crestor." Acid reflux? "Gotta' be the Purple Pill." Depression? "Well..." Anxiety? "Um..." And so it goes with meds for the mood and anxiety disorders. Seems it's time to take a look at 12 things to contemplate when they're on our minds...

10 Things to Think About When CHANGE Is Knocking at the Door

How to stop feeling depressed

The reality of pain and suffering. It gets real old, real fast, doesn't it? But though it can torment us, there's an upside. The seemingly endless downward spiral often brings change to mind. 'Course positive change doesn't come easy, so let's take a look at 10 things we need to think about when change is knocking at the door...

How to SURVIVE the HOLIDAYS: Must I spell it out for you? (You know I will anyway)

How to Survive the Holidays

Well, rub your eyes 'cause it's that time again. The holiday season is here, and that means exactly who knows what for the millions of us enduring a mood or anxiety disorder. Heck, probably for millions who aren't. How to survive the onslaught is a common endeavor right about now, so let's get after that spelling...

Bare-Knuckled and Bloody, but It’s Gonna’ Be ALRIGHT | Could It Be Time to HEAL?

How to Beat Depression

Been around the block a time or two, and haven't seen anything like it. Sure, the campaign was bare-knuckled and bloody. But here we are a week after the election, and millions continue to reel. Fear, anxiety, depression, and anger abound. But I really believe it's gonna' be alright. Could it be time to heal?