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Our Reward System & Dopamine: Incredible, Life-Sustaining (a Trap)

What does dopamine do

The work of our brains is beyond incredible. And its design, and how it evolved, continues to be hard for me to wrap my arms around. Just one example is our reward system. Without it, we don’t exist. With it, we have to remain aware of the trap potential. Let’s open the door….

Our Teens & School Mass Shootings: Where Have We Gone Wrong?

High school shootings

Being a teen in America is a dicey proposition. Sure, those years have never been the easiest, but school mass shootings have taken the accepted teenage plight well beyond tolerance. So where have we gone wrong? Tap-in and let’s talk about it…

A Carb-Pounding Frenzy: “Yikes, What’s Goin’ on Here?”

Is there a cure for anxiety

Your day has been JPN and you’re wired to the max. Long about 2:00 p.m. it hits – that longing for the brownies prominently sitting on your kitchen counter. And the very moment you get home you attack, in a carb-pounding frenzy. “Yikes, what’s goin’ on here?” Well, tap-in and find out…

Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder: What & Why You Need to Know

Do I have OCD

Sure, diagnoses are often given way too much attention. But knowing ours, when accurate and used properly, can be really helpful. Let’s take the time to chat about a set of circumstances that may be of great interest to you: obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Please, tap-in…

NEUROTICISM: Be Good to Yourself and SURRENDER

Is there a cure for anxiety

Those of us enduring mood and anxiety disorders are tough as nails. When it comes to our emotional and mental challenges, most of us will fight to the bitter end. And as much as I love that spirit, sometimes being good to ourselves calls for – surrender. Please tap-in as we apply that to a powerful force known as neuroticism…