Welcome to Chipur! If you’re struggling with a mood or anxiety disorder, you’ve come to a good place. Dig-in, okay? Thank you for stopping-by. Bill

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Why Am I Depressed

Started blogging about the mood and anxiety disorders just about eight years ago. And awards sure as heck had nothing to do with it. Nah, it's still so much deeper - personal - than that...

How to SIT with DIFFICULT EMOTIONS: Danielle Shares Her PERSONAL Story

Why am I Depressed

One thing we can count on for sure with a mood or anxiety disorder - emotions will never be on short supply (and they'll never be lacking in variety and, shall we say, pizzazz). So what do we do when those DIFFICULT EMOTIONS come a-callin'? Wellll, let's turn to our guest writer for help...

A Thought Is But a THOUGHT: REALITY and RESPONSE Are Up to Us

Why Am I Depressed

We hear it ad nauseam. "If you'd stop thinking so much, or at least change what you're thinking, you wouldn't be so depressed and anxious." Duh. Okay, the concept may seem jaded, but it isn't going away. And that's a good thing, because excluding meds, it's really all we have. Let's talk, okay?

Donald J. Trump: Why Does He UPSET Us So?

Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump. Love him, hate him, leftist, or rightie - he upsets us. Why is that, anyway? Some would say it's purely politics or personality revulsion. But I'm thinking it's a little more complicated than that. Let's take a look, okay?