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The MOTION of EMOTION: Leonardo Knew It Well

Why am I Depressed

Are you fascinated by words? I sure am. We send and receive them so freely and most often don’t consider their origin and literal meaning. “Emotion” is a huge word in the mood and anxiety disorder neck of the woods. So huge it begs a closer look. With the help of Leonardo da Vinci, let’s do it…


What is a psychotic break

Psychotic break, nervous breakdown. Terms – eventualities – that scare the breeches off of many who endure a mood or anxiety disorder. As in, “I’m going to have one and that’ll be the end of me.” Well, hop back into those pants. Here’s what you need to know. Please, tap-in…

Our TIME WARPED Minds: Know Your UNCONSCIOUS, Know Yourself

Is there a cure for depression

If you tussle with varied shades of mood or anxiety, you’re constantly looking for relief resources. Far and wide we search, when one of the very best balms lies within. Know your unconscious, know yourself. Good reading, so tap on in…

10 Things for Which I’m THANKFUL: How ‘Bout YOU?

How to stop being anxious

Thanksgiving is upon us here in the USA. But truth is, amidst the assorted social gatherings, feasting, travel, etc., the “thanks” of it all is often forgotten. Don’t know about you, but in my mind that’s a missed opportunity. Tap-in, okay?