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“I HATE Three-Day Weekends!” (Got an offer for ya’)

Why am I Depressed

If you ask the blogging experts, posting an article on a Friday evening is just plain silly. Well, the heck with conventional wisdom, we have business to handle. Do you hate three-day weekends? Got an offer for ya’…

LIFE in the Key of…YOU

Why am I anxious

We’re awarded but one earthly life. There are no promises or guarantees, especially when it comes to length of stay. So why would we waste time trying to alter the likely unchangeable, being who we aren’t and suffering as a result? Incidentally, are you living life in the key of you?

“No Matter Who I See or What I Take, I Still Feel Like Crap.” A Guest Post

How to stop being depressed

How do we do it, anyway? Why do we do it? Being ravaged by emotional and mental symptoms beyond hell, we somehow manage to take-on another day – until some of us just can’t anymore. And mind you, “help” that really helps is often scarce. This guest post says it all. Tap on in…