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1. SSRI Sexual Side Effects 2. Cortisol

The strength and power of chipur to bring relief and healing comes from each of you. Here are updates on two chipur articles, generated by readers’ input…

Chris and Karen provided some excellent resource information. You need to know, so let’s get down to biz…

Antidepressants & Sex: 10 Tips for Bliss

Chris posted the following comment on the piece…

Actually, many guys take SSRIs to delay themselves, seemingly its a desired side effect for some though understandably not for all men. You are right to suggest switching. There is a good study somewhere on Google Scholar with a graphical comparison of IELT (intra ejaculatory latency time) and the differences between SSRI drugs are quite startling.

I found the work Chris referred to. The study took a look at the SSRIs paroxetine (Paxil), fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft), and fluvoxamine (Luvox). In terms of ejaculation latency time, from worst to best, you just read the order.

Here’s a link to the chipur article. Here’s a link to Chris’ website.

Cortisol: What You Need to Know. And Why!

Karen posted a brief comment on the article indicating she was taking cortisol. I asked her if she’d provide more detail – she did in an email, giving me permission to share…

My Dr. told me that my blood work showed some adrenal deficiency and wanted to do a saliva test which was $250 and not covered by insurance. So I went online and did a test and according to it, have adrenal fatigue.

Since it coincided with what the Dr believed, he started me on Cortisol Control (you can buy it online, but I have had trouble with the company not sending it and charging me anyway) so I continue to get it from the Dr’s office. It’s the same price, minus tax.

I think I started it in September or October and haven’t had any follow up blood work since then (insurance and money issues). However, my anxiety does appear to be lessened and I think I am concentrating a little better. I notice no side effects.

I have been told that Swanson vitamin company also has a great product and to rely on them for my other supplements. When this bottle runs out, I am planning on trying that.

Here’s a link to the chipur article. Here’s a link to Swanson, should you want to give them a go.

The Wrap

I hope you find these updates helpful. Again, the strength and power of chipur comes from each of you.

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  • Hi Bill- I wanted to thank-you for sharing our company and link in this blog post. We really appreciate it.

    • You’re welcome. A chipur reader heard some good things about you, so I wanted to spread the word. Thank you for visiting and commenting…

  • Emily

    I’m sorry but this does not make sense.  Doesn’t this patient need to be on prescription glucocorticoids and monitored by a physician so she doesn’t run into a potentially life-threatening Addisonian crisis? I don’t intend to put down the product mentioned in any way as I’m not familiar with it but I just get a little nervous when I think about treating a serious medical condition with a supplement and without a doctor’s care. Not to mention the fact that it’s purported effect is the exact opposite of the treatment for adrenal insufficiency.  She needs more glucocorticoid, not less.  Then again, if one of her
    symptoms is anxiety, maybe she got it backwards and said adrenal insuff.
    when she meant excess (e.g. Cushing’s).  Although, in that case she
    still needs to be treated by a doctor since Cushing’s is most often
    caused by pituitary tumor.  Or, theory three, maybe the doctor just meant she has too much cortisol as in she’s too stressed and sleep-deprived.  In which case she is a normal American. Although it’s completely none of my business so I don’t know why I’m stressing over this.  Maybe I need those pills ;)