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Update: Viibryd, NSAIDs + SSRIs = Trouble

Side Effects of SSRIs

Viibryd’s going to be late. Taking aspirin, ibuprofen, or naproxen with Zoloft, Prozac, or Celexa increases the risk for an upper GI bleed. You need to know!

Here are two important updates…


Some time ago I ran a piece on the new selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressant, vilazodone (Viibryd). In the article I mentioned the target availability date was no later than May 31 of this year.

My sources tell me the on-the-shelf date has been pushed back to the end of the summer.

Will keep you posted as I hear more. Here’s a link to the original article.

***I’ve decided to maintain an ongoing journal of chipur readers’ experiences with Viibryd. Click here and you’re there!

NSAIDs + SSRIs = Trouble

I published an article about a week ago citing research that NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.) reduce the effects of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants ( Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa, etc. – and now Viibryd).

Seems there’s a whole lot more to the story.

Research is warning us that the interaction of an NSAID and an SSRI increases the risk of an upper GI bleed six-fold.

But wait, there’s more!

Taking an SSRI alone more than doubles the risk of an upper GI bleed. An NSAID alone increases the risk by three-fold.

Wild thing is, the NSAID/SSRI bleed dynamic doesn’t seem to be attributable to 2x the meds. Reportedly, there’s an unexpected chemistry involved.

Here’s a link to the original NSAID/SSRI piece.

The Wrap

So there you have it, very important updates on topics featured on chipur. You need to know these things, and I’ll make it my business to get the info to you.

Mission accomplished (for now)!

  • Hi everyone! Just a heads-up. If you haven’t read Viibryd’s Full
    Prescribing Information, please do. There’s so much there that addresses
    a lot of the questions and concerns I’m catching in the comments. Hey, I
    want you to keep coming back – but knowledge is power! Here’s the link

  • Rick

    I have been on various AD’s for probably close to twenty years.  I have never had such terrible side effects from any of them that I am experiencing with Viibryd.  The nausea, fatigue, extreme diarrhea, and dizziness are unaccecptable at any dose I have tried.  I am taking myself off this horrible drug and will continue the search for a suitable replacement.

  • Sgabrovsek61

    I have been using Viibryd for the last month and I feel a lot better then I did.  I am more happy and have my interest back again.  So far so good. 


    • Hi Sandra! Great input, and I’m glad you’re feeling better. Thank you for sharing. Oh, be sure to check-out the Meds, Supplements, Devices section of the chipur forum. Always tons of Viibryd chat going on:



  • Anonymous

    Hi–I’m new to chipur….finding it hard to walk away from.
    I have been on the receiving end of the rx pad  since Prozac first became available in my area (1985).
    My offical dx is Bi-polar II and OCD.  I fight depression all the time and relish my all to infrequent forays into
    hypomania. I think I have been on just about all the antid’s and antip’s at one time or another.
    But, back to Viibryd:  I called Forest Pharm and told them the hairloss involved with this drug alone should
    merit a blackbox warning.    I am mortified beyond speech about the envelopes of hair that I have been
    saving to show my Pdoc this week.  I told him last month that my hair is falling out in baskets and he said
    “I’ve never heard of that as a side effect of Viibryd.”   I’m telling everyone that is having this happen
    to them to please tell, tell tell.  Tell your Doc.  Tell Forest Pharm.  Tell the FDA.
    People are noticing and I’ve only been on it since Sept.19th 2011.  (2 months and 1 week)  If I were to stay
    on this drug, there is no doubt in my mind that I would be bare-bald by Christmas.
    Also, I am only going to say one more thing about this very harsh drug so as not to dilute my findings.
    The physical pain and stiffness that this drug causes should be investigated.   At its peak, I could not
    move my neck, shoulders or back.  The pain was unbearable.  That’s when I had to start bringing myself
    down off of it.  10 days ago I was on 30mg/day.  Now I am down to 10mg and by 10 more days, I will have
    myself off of it.   Hopefully I will still have some hair left.
    Yes, it did help my mood—in fact, for about one month—I was in hog heaven.   Viibryd started my hypomania the first week and I was slowly climbing the old “here I am–deal with it” ladder.  And loving
    every minute of it.  Very far cry from actually lying in bed crying and thinking about the whistle of the
    nearby train.   But to be totally fair, the “mania” leveled out and I was able to deal with the world and talk
    to my own species and actually enjoy being human.    The side effects are just so severe for me that
    sadly, I’ll never get to experience Viibryd’s good side.

    • garagecat…

      Thank you for visiting chipur and commenting. I’m sorry you’ve had such a rough time with Viibryd. I’ve certainly heard of antidepressants occasionally causing hair loss, but not as prolific as you described. Don’t blame you in the least for showing it the door.

      It’s always been my goal for chipur to be a place where readers can share their good and bad experiences. That’s how we all learn. That said, thank you for your contribution…


  • Tnagy2

    I have experienced hallucinations, brain zaps, electicity going through my brain, ringing of the ears, dizziness, nightmares, joint pain as though I suddenly got a back case of arthritis, lethargy, thoughts about suicide, constant uncontrolable diarrhea, extreme stomach pain, could not sleep in my bed, afraid to sleep because of the hallucations of monsters getting me.  I did the 10mgs, 20 mgs, the finally 40 mgs. Took 40 mgs. for 2 1/2 months. Just stopped taking it 5 days ago so I could feel better. Will never take this drug again. I was going through financial problems and had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks in the morning, so I was prescribed Viibryd and Xanax.

    • Hi Tnagy2…

      Well, so goes the dance of psychotropic medications. I empathize with your circumstances, believing you did the right thing. Enduring that level of distress, what choice did you have?

      You know, we can only hope that one day meds therapy for the mood and anxiety disorders will become an exact science. Just ain’t right!

      Thank you for your visit and post…


    • Ddial65

      Tnagy2…I am having the SAME side effects you are describing. I just got on the internet because my nightmares, thoughts of suicide, physical pain, etc. have been so bad today that I almost admitted myself.  I’m sorry to hear that there are so many people feeling the way I do on this drug, yet relieved to know that I’m not having a total mental break…it HAS to be Viibryd.

  • Neverwillb20091

    I have been on antidepressants for over 20 years. I have MDD and am currently on Viibyrd 40 mg. I started this medication about 5  months ago after I was taken off Wellbutrin 300XL and Lexapro 20mg. I was on my previous meds for about 5 years which seemed to be working good however after talking to my doctor we decided to switch to the Viibyrd to eliminate having to take two antidepressants and knock it down to one hoping it would work for my depression. I haven’t had any side effects except I have noticed I seem more depressed than I was on the prior meds and I also have an issue with hair lose. My depression also seems to be coming back more even though I am on the Viibryd. Should I go back to my old regimen of meds or keep trying this Viibryd? I also take klonopin for aniexty and panic attacks. Advise would be appreciated.

    • If it’s been five months and depression is returning, I’d consider a return to your previous regimen. Easy for me to say, I know – it’s just a gut feeling…


  • coppertop14

    I’m just going to share my experience with this med too.  I’ve been taking it for a week and a half.  At first it was ok, I felt good on the 10 mgs.  Four days in I felt like I could eat everything in sight and practically did.  My doc wants me to switch from Prozac to this drug, she said it would be well-tolerated because I am sensitive to side effects.  It’s day 10 and I am so bloated that I look like I am 4 months pregnant. My muscles hurt like no ones business and I have pains going down my calves.  My mood has gone from being depressed to having horrible apathy and being depressed and being unable to concentrate.  The other thing is I am soaking thru my pajamas and my sheets every night.  I thought it would go away but, no dice.  I am going to go back on the prozac.  This drug while it worked initially, isn’t worth the side effects.  Plus, it isn’t covered at all by my insurance anyway.  It seemed so promising but, I’d rather not experience the inevitable weight gain and the freaky side effects.

  • Jandhbrackett

    Super helpful…just had an endoscopy a few weeks ago, and small ulcerations were visible in my stomach. I’d been taking Viibryd on an empty stomach in the morn (along w bupropion.). I’d also been taking high dose ibuprofen 1-3x/per day at other times of the day. Hmmmmmmm

  • Ddial65

    Sorry, but I feel this medication should be taken off the pharmecutical market all-together! I don’t know how any of you made it to 40mgs, let-alone months of taking it. I’ve been on it almost two weeks and this past week has been absolutley unbearable. I’ve had almost all of the side-effects mentioned above by the rest of you making reviews, but also had a severe spike in my blood pressure when starting the 20 mg dose. I should have gone to the ER….my heart rate was 130bpm, was sweating profusely, pain in left arm and chest. I was alone and honestly didn’t think I’d make it even waiting for an ambulance. Out of despiration, I took a double-dose of my beta blocker and the symptoms subsided. I have reduced Viibryd until I see my Doc tomorrow, and can’t wait to get off of it completely!

  • Leroysbaby

    I am having a little different side effects.  I am only on the 20mgs.  Did 10 for 1 week and then 20 for the last 5.  My hair is falling out, I have constant fatigue and muscle pains.  Nothing like others are saying.  I do fine when not at home.  When I am alone all I want to do is watch tv and sleep.  I do feel a lot happier.  I haven’t felt this good in a long time.  Have been on ADs for 30 years.  I have tried everything on the market.  I am worried after reading all this that it is going to get worse.  I don’t know what to do.

  • Lforce

    I was prescribed viibryd for anxiety/nervousness/acid reflux, which I thought was a little extreme. I only took two pills in the starter pack and had to quit. Side effects were stabbing stomach pain, severe diarrhea, pounding headache, non stop tremors, huge muscle twitches, uncontrollable shaking, pacing, insomnia, terrible thoughts of death and dying, panic attacks, shooting pains in my legs, feelings of pins and needles and electric shocks all through my body. Me skin felt like it was crawling. I almost went to the emergency room it was so bad. After the second pill and a second night of pure hell I said screw it, I’d rather be a little anxious, nervous and deal with it without any anti depressants.  

  • mick762

    I’ve been on 40mg po daily Viibryd for two months now, and for me, it’s worked wonders. I have social anxiety, PTSD, and mild depression. After the initial week of vomiting, I can say I havent felt better since my late teens. I was on Paxil for eight years, and I felt dead inside every day. Even had an affair, just to feel something. Nada! So I quit Paxil two years ago and have been unmediated, and a bit worthless since. Since Viibryd, my wife says I’m back! The man she fell in love with is finally back!

    YMMV, but I think it’s a godsend.

    • Hi Mick762…
      Thank you so much for participating. I’m glad Viibryd has worked well for you. And glad your wife has her husband back – a lot less messy than those affairs. Oh, and I like “YMMV.” Actually had to look it up – clever. Again thanks for your participation…

  • Lady A

    Day 12 in a starter pack… Hair Loss.. nausea, diarrhea, and just to make sure it wasn’t missed… hair loss. I think I could keep trying to work past the side effects but I can not stand the hair loss. First time user of any meds like this so my thoughts are with everyone…I’m sad enough and don’t want to be a 40 year old bald lady! I’ve seen about 4 comments that state hair loss.

    • Hi Lady A! Thank your for visiting Chipur and for your participation. Though you won’t find hair loss on “official” Viibryd side effects lists, it happens – as witnessed by comments here on Chipur. Sorry it’s happened to you. I’d sure beat a path back to the prescriber, report the hair loss, and ask for explanations/alternatives. Bill