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Dreams: I know you’ll find this interesting

what do my dreams mean

Come on, don’t start with the “I don’t dream” declaration. News flash: we all dream, though we may not recall them. Dreams are fascinating. And since they’re mind-driven, mystery abounds. So let’s see what we can see, and learn. Yes, interesting…

Just moved: 9 personal insights that SCREAM for my attention

life is difficult

They’re brutal, those stressful life events. Getting married, financial woes, starting a new job, significant others exiting your life. Oh, and moving – which I just did. Dang, the personal insights that scream for my attention. Guess it’s time to get to work…

Taking the week off

i’m stressed out

Yepper, I’m taking this week off. It has to happen every so often, right? But you can be sure I’ll be back before you know it…