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“I just want to be happy. Is that really asking for too much?”

I want to be happy again

Happiness: hundreds of millions worldwide spend the bulk of their time and energy looking for it. And most of them learn it’s an enigma, an elusive one at that. But understandably, the search goes on. No, wanting to be happy isn’t asking for too much, so tap-in and let’s see what we can come up with..

Fantasy: Learn About It, Use and Enjoy It (heck, it’s free)

how do you do visualization

Fantasy Island, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasyland, Final Fantasy, Fantasy 5. Seems plenty of people are doing the fantasy thing, coughing-up large dough to participate. So why not us? I mean, what a great coping technique. And, heck, it’s free…

The Solar Plexus: Learning About the Third Chakra

how to relax using your solar plexus

Do you struggle with a mood or anxiety disorder? Ever experience that feeling of a knot in your gut or something odd in the pit of your stomach? Ever had the wind knocked-out of you? Well, it’s happening in the solar plexus, so tap-in and let’s learn about the third chakra…

Augmenting Traditional Psychiatry with Asian Medicine: Even Docs Are In

Chinese herbs for depression

If you’re wrestling with a mood or anxiety disorder, no one has to tell you it’s very rarely a single intervention proposition. Meds, therapy, lifestyle changes, meditation, and endless more. And as long as we’re making a list, let’s add Asian medicine. Come on, tap-in…