The chickens always come home to roost

I can’t stop being depressed

The chickens always come home to roost. It’s one of life’s great truisms. And it’s important that those of us living in the mood and anxiety disorder neck of the woods pay heed.

Security: 12 places to look

how to find security

Security was crucial to our survival well before we were born. After all, it equates to safety. But it can be incredibly hard to come by, especially in the world of emotional and mental distress. Let’s talk it over…

Probiotics: Bacteria can be good for the soul

depression and probiotics

Grime, strep throat, UTI, E. coli – that’s where most of us go when we think about bacteria. However, research continues to show it can be an important player in managing mood and anxiety disorders. Here’s what I mean….

“I’m so tired of it all.”

will I always be depressed

Tired: sit with the word a moment. We all know what it’s like to feel it at the end of a long day. But many of us know the tired that comes from being emotionally, mentally, and physically drained – and directionless…

Were we just accidents waiting to happen?

why am i mentally ill

Fifty years of emotional and mental adventure. And for what are now constructive reasons the whys still matter. Here’s one thing I know for sure: my banana peel tumble was an accident waiting to happen.