10 Keystones of Recovery…

I think it’s fair to say I’ve spent darned near my entire life trying in ways, even consciously unknown to me, to recover from panic and all of its physical, mental, and emotional strain. Dang, so much of my life has been consumed by trying to dig myself out of one hole or another.

Without a doubt, until my major breakthrough in 1989, all of my dealings with panic and its accompanying ick were strictly reactive. My entire life was dominated by it and my entire being reacted to it. It was my master and made all of my plans and decisions for me, as it lead me around by the ring it had firmly implanted in my nose.

But through it all, there were 10 Keystones of Recovery from which I drew strength and purpose. And even panic couldn’t excise them from my soul…

1.    A never-ending sense of hope and optimism
2.    The will to fight for what was rightfully mine
3.    A sense of humor
4.    A desire to stay physically strong
5.    A strong spiritual base
6.    An ever-present vision of how I wanted to live
7.    A solid character foundation
8.    The belief that the misery I was experiencing could be reversed
9.    The desire to help others who suffer in a like manner
10.  A thirst for knowledge

Without a doubt, these keystones not only kept me from totally breaking down, they saved my life.

What will you draw upon?