Thanksgiving is upon us here in the USA. But truth is, amidst the assorted social gatherings, feasting, travel, etc., the “thanks” of it all is often forgotten. Don’t know about you, but in my mind that’s a missed opportunity…

Creativity, as without it I could never come up with outlandish, and sustaining, morsels of hope.

Thanksgiving Day in the USA goes back to the early-17th century. In those days, the festivities in what are now Massachusetts and Virginia were harvest celebrations.

Hundreds of years later the celebrating certainly continues. But I wonder about the giving thanks part. Is it still alive?


It is for me. So much so that I’d like to share a list I put together just last night…

10 Things for Which I’m THANKFUL…

  1. My children and grandchildren, without whom I’d be alone and cold.
  2. A comfortable and peaceful place to live – my sanctuary.
  3. Understanding and accepting my emotional and mental challenges.
  4. The desire to live as fully as I can, given how my mind is wired.
  5. Believing in an infinite and mysterious spiritual power that has my best interest at heart.
  6. At least 15 more years on the planet to learn, grow, and share.
  7. The ability to laugh and be stupid-silly.
  8. The fortitude and resilience to answer the bell when I really didn’t feel like it, time and time again.
  9. The desire to use my emotional and mental history – personal insight – to bring relief to another.
  10. Creativity, as without it I could never come up with outlandish, and sustaining, morsels of hope.

Putting that list together was time well spent. It felt right. And now I have it for reference and reflection when life’s intensity meter hits red.

So how ’bout you? Will you put together your own list, even if it consists of just one item? I really think you’ll be glad to have given it a go.

And when you’re finished, would you share a portion of your list in a comment below?

Wishing each of you a warm and meaningful Thanksgiving Day and weekend. And, always, thank you for visiting Chipur…

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