Oh the things we think, feel, and do as we try to live our cockeyed corona’d lives. And we often wonder if our reactions are so many signs of going over the edge. Seriously, we have to believe they aren’t. As a matter of fact, I think they prove we’re sane as can be. Let’s talk…

…please remember that one of our greatest misunderstandings of self is the fear that we’re losing it. That said, as off-the-wall as these may seem, I assure you there’s nothing insane about any of them – or you.

Coping with the coronavirus pandemic has become a matter of social perception and judgment. Actually, it’s an issue of political correctness, but I wouldn’t touch that with a six-foot pole right now.

How ’bout we leave it at our pandemic-related thoughts, feelings, and behaviors subject us to, shall we say, scrutiny? And its fallout can generate a whole lot of unfair self-questioning.

On April 1st, as the pandemic and response were becoming intense, I posted an article entitled “17 Random & Scary COVID-19 Thoughts & Feelings: Understandable, but Disposable.” Given when it was written, there wasn’t a whole lot of real-world experience behind those random and scary COVID-19 thoughts and feelings.

Six-weeks later, I think we all have a pretty good handle on our reactions to the pandemic and its rules.

12 Reactions to the Pandemic & Rules That Prove We’re Sane

coronavirus depressionI say it all the time: those of us who suffer from mood and/or anxiety disorders have very creative minds. Man, the thoughts, and subsequent feelings and behaviors we come up with. Hmmm, wish I could say it’s all good for us.

As we review the following, please remember that one of our greatest misunderstandings of self is the fear that we’re losing it. That said, as off-the-wall as these may seem, I assure you there’s nothing insane about any of them – or you.

Let’s get busy…

  1. It sure seems easy for local authorities to tell me what I can and can’t do. Shoot, I’ll bet they’ve been able to get their hair cut.
  2. I’ve lost count of the number of times during any given day that I’m convinced I have the virus. It’s like that self-monitor on my back is on, and set at high, 24/7. How many times am I supposed to take my temperature?
  3. Now I have to throw-in mask acquisition and cleaning into an already cluttered routine? I even have to fool with gloves. You’ve got to be kidding me.
  4. I’m sick and tired of washing my hands. Yesterday I washed them after washing them because I forgot to count to twenty the first time.
  5. Sanitizing, shmanitizing. I got so into it last night that I pulled out all my shoelaces and shmanitized them. And I have a lot of tie-shoes.
  6. I’m so sick of wearing a mask and gloves, as well as estimating six-feet. Next time I go to the grocery store I’m going to rip my mask and gloves off and give the first person I see a massive hug (then run).
  7. On the other hand, sometimes I worry about not wearing enough protection. I mean, maybe I should do more. Wait, I could find a suit of armor that’ll fit. Maybe then I’ll feel confident about not infecting anyone – or myself.
  8. I absolutely, positively – even negatively – hate every single bit of what’s going-on. It scares the heck out of me. Every time my governor announces when the next phase of the lockdown will end, I check-off the days on my calendar.
  9. Sure, I don’t want to catch the virus, but I’d almost rather not know if I have it. As selfish as it is, I couldn’t take the quarantine.
  10. I’m so confused. I don’t know who’s telling the truth about the pandemic anymore. So many differences of opinion, so many agendas. Who do you believe?
  11. I don’t understand why we can’t all come together during this time of crisis. Why is there so much screaming and hate? I would have thought we could toss our differences aside and nail this demon as one. So much for what I thought.
  12. Once again, it’s become obvious to me that I’m hopelessly insane. All I hear about with this pandemic thing are the physical threats. No one ever mentions emotional or mental damage. I would think it’s just as potentially crippling and deadly. But, then, what do I know? I’m nuts.

We Have to Keep Moving Forward

I wonder if you were able to relate to even one of those reactions. Maybe you’re strugging with others.

The purpose of this piece is very simple. First off all, I want you to know that tens of millions of folk, perhaps like you, are terribly upset and worried by the pandemic. And then I want you to know that no matter how goofy you may think your reactive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are, you haven’t lost your mind.

I guess it’s really all about knowing you’re not weird – and alone.

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