Come on, you have to be feeling it. Being stuck at home, especially by order, can be cruel and unusual punishment. Try as we may to keep ourselves busy with work, creative projects – whatever – limits get reached. So here are 12 ridiculously silly things we can turn to 24/7…

Fact! We’re in a jam, and we aren’t getting out of it tomorrow. So it’s time to turn to fresh self-entertainment material.

A pandemic: are you kidding me? And as messed-up as that is, the “fix” ain’t much to write home about either.

Hey, there’s no doubt in my mind that social distancing and staying at home are the right things to do – for now. But like the Statler Brothers sang, “Playing solitaire ’til dawn with a deck of 51.” gets real old – real fast.

Has to be something we can do about it, right? Well, I just happen to have some things in my back-pocket I’m willing to share…

12 Ridiculously Silly Things to Do If You’re Going Nuts at Home

i'm going crazy at homeCouple of thoughts going-in. Fact! We’re in a jam, and we aren’t getting out of it tomorrow. So it’s time to turn to fresh self-entertainment material.

Secondly, I’ve learned over the years that humor is often the very best medicine for what ails us. Would you agree?

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some (ridiculously silly) things to do when we’re going nuts at home…

  1. Flip channels between Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and your local news to see which one has the scariest COVID-19 stories and news-tickers.
  2. Write down your seven most disturbing pandemic catastrophic thoughts on separate pieces of paper. Fold each several times and put them on your dresser. Choose one a day for a week so you won’t have any doubt about which one to unnecessarily obsess over. Mix ’em up and do it again the following weeks.
  3. Spell-out coronavirus, COVID, and pandemic backwards and come up with creative pronunciations. Shoot, put them all together.
  4. Rearrange your main living area furniture in the most awful way. Live with it for a day and bask in the knowledge of how good you once had it. (Changing it back will give you even more to do.)
  5. Since you can’t get a haircut anyway, shear-off the hair on one side of your head and see if you lean to the opposite side.
  6. Count the number of items in your pantry. Then count the number of items in your refrigerator. Now divide the former by the latter. Spend the rest of the day trying to figure-out if there’s any meaning in the quotient.
  7. Study the pile of the last bath towel you used (preferably still damp). What does that tell you about how you dry yourself?
  8. Keep a running list of the thermometer and health products junk emails you receive. Alphabetize by sender.
  9. Practice new positions in which to take your temperature (you know you’re doing it multiple times a day). Just remember the type of thermometer you’re using.
  10. Create a spreadsheet tracking each time you check your temperature, analyze a cough, and evaluate if you have enough breath to walk to another room (you know you’re doing that multiple times a day too). Rate each occurrence 1-10, if you’d like. 10 being “Help!”
  11. Next time you bring groceries home, don’t clean each item. No, put as many as you can in the dishwasher and give it a go. You’ve always wanted to try it, right?
  12. Find the silliest thing you can to make a mask. Um, a diaper, half a bra, an athletic supporter?

Totally out of my mind and waaay too much time on my hands? What can I say? Straight off the top, people.

Well, you know the drill. If you’d like to add more you can do just that in a comment.

That’s a Wrap

I’m not messing-around. These are extraordinary times and we need to get creative with how we cope. Finding new things to do and turning to humor are must-do’s. I mean, do you have any better ideas?

As always, we’re in this together. So let’s get after it and put this mess behind us.

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