20 Ways to Peak the Altitude of Our Attitude

It’s a swell time of the year for a bad attitude! Yes? So let’s see what we can do to turn things around.

Often on chipur, and the newsletter, we talk about suffering and the fact that life is tough. Here’s a link to a piece I wrote on exactly that.

As much as this can be a year-round phenomenon, it’s especially relevant at the end of January. As a result, a snake’s belly attitude, a manifestation of weathering tough times, becomes a major problem.

A Different Twist

For the sake of our own peace of mind, if not for the sake of those with whom we come in contact, we need to be proactive in peaking our attitude. And it’s all about strong self-management in the midst of difficult times.

In lieu of passively waiting for things to magically get better, or stumbling over knee-jerk reactions, I’m going to present a more creative and productive strategy. Let’s be in relationship with our challenges – yes, even embrace them!

In that spirit, here are some thoughts I believe you’ll find helpful…

20 Ways to Peak the Altitude of Our Attitude

  1. As we honestly consider our immediate circumstances, are things really all that different from the norm?
  2. Do we have meaningful short and long-term goals we can look forward to while we work through the rough spots?
  3. What’s our vision of tomorrow? What does it look like? How does it make us feel?
  4. If we’re having a tough time getting motivated, who or what can we use as a purpose-substitute until we’re back in the game?
  5. What challenges have we managed to overcome in the past?
  6. In spite of how miserable we feel, how could our situation be worse?
  7. Who’s losing-out, or missing us, as a result of our attitude issues?
  8. On what are we losing-out or missing?
  9. Let’s find the learning opportunity. Tough times can’t go for naught.
  10. Consider the hard work it’s going to take to peak the altitude of our attitude as a wonderful self-investment.
  11. Transition “Why me?” to “Why not me?”
  12. To whom can we offer a bit of wisdom from the lessons we’re learning?
  13. What needs to change in terms of our foundational feelings, thoughts, and behaviors?
  14. Are we really trying?
  15. What a great opportunity for growth we have. Let’s smile through the storm.
  16. Is this a good time to alter our self-expectations?
  17. As we navigate our journey, let’s think outside the box – be creative.
  18. Make note of even the slightest bit of progress, and use it as a moment of feel-good.
  19. Is it time to examine our personal patterns? (check-out this piece)
  20. What can tools can we manufacture for the next challenging time (and there will be one)?
  21. What’s our reward for a job well done? (okay, so I threw in a freebie)


So what do you think? Is there anything on the list that will be a fit for you? Does anything on the list have the power to help you turn things around? I think there’s all sorts of stuff.

Please believe me, those 21 notions didn’t come from a book or someone else’s blog or website. No way. Those came straight from the heart, based upon my travels with tough times and trying attitudes. It’s very personal information, and I’m happy to share it with you.

Tough times and dicey attitudes can make life so unpleasant for us. Not to mention for those with whom we come in contact. Yes, it’s life. But it’s a life of satisfaction that comes from making repairs in the spirit of active engagement – not passive tolerance.

Let’s get it done!

image (Mt. Denali) credit wildnatureimages.com

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