2013 | May It Be a Year of Renewal

Living with Depression

Seems resolutions are all the buzz as a new year approaches. Wouldn’t you agree? Ah, those bold new ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Hey, I have no problem with resolutions – other than they’re frequently ill-considered pipedreams that set the table for disappointment. And disappointment – perceived as failure – isn’t a good thing for one enduring a mood or anxiety disorder.

So as we greet 2013, I’m suggesting we strive for renewal. How ’bout these key phrases pertaining to “renew” from merriam-webster.com?

  • To make like new
  • Restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection
  • To make new spiritually : regenerate
  • To restore to existence : revive
  • To make extensive changes in : rebuild
  • To begin again : resume
  • Replace, replenish
  • To become new or as new

I like the feel of all of them. Are they a fit for you?

Chipur readers and distance counseling clients, don’t over-complicate your life as you take on 2013. Make the new year about renewal, nothing more. I believe you’ll be pleased with how things just naturally come together.

Thank you for your readership, confidence, and trust throughout 2012. And what say we do some cool things together in the coming year. I’d like that…