The Christmas noise has eased. But New Year festivities are just days away, and the racket returns. Well, at least we have a few days to search for our marbles, which is huge for folks in our neck of the woods. Let’s roast marshmallows and chat by the fire…

You might say, ‘I guess I have no choice, Bill.’ Actually, you do. You can choose to do nothing about your circumstances…’

When you produce an emotional and mental health site, encouraging readers to create and achieve resolutions is the thing to do this time of year.

Then it’s on to inspiring and motivating them to work hard in their pursuit of insight and healing.

Obligation handled.

Sure, I want those things for you. I want them for me, though I’m not especially big on resolutions. But the faux “Go get ‘em, tiger.” bit isn’t my style.

The chat

I’ll go first…

I’ve been on this planet for 69 years, and I’ve danced with anxiety and mood symptoms for the vast majority of them. Even cut a rug with alcohol dependence and recovery..

There were times I was so stunned and lost that not only did I not know how to get out of the woods, I didn’t know it was even possible – so I’d drop the fantasy and move on.

Have you felt that way? Maybe now?

Your pain

Keep in mind, I wouldn’t have the right to address your pain if I hadn’t lived with it for decades. But I have, so I will.

No matter how horrible and hopeless you perceive your circumstances to be, they’re manageable – and you can carry on with a meaningful, productive, and powerful life. Don’t tell me you can’t.

And what does it take?

Well, portions of acceptance, vision, curiosity, creativity, counsel, empathy, resolve, resilience, insight, and love. And with a few exceptions, anything else you can muster.

Absolutely, you can do it.


You might say, “Well, I guess I have no choice, Bill.” Actually, you do. You can choose to do nothing about your circumstances and watch your life wither away like that once beautiful and vital plant nobody watered.

Bluntly, a suicide attempt isn’t always a physical act.

Don’t neglect yourself onto the edge of a cliff. Roll up your sleeves, come up with what you want, and get after it.

Your turn to talk, I’m listening.

Wishing you the very best for the new year. And thank you for being a Chipur reader throughout 2023.


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