A Poem of Hope and Inspiration

How to Beat Anxiety

If you’re feeling as though you’re at the end of the line, I have something to say to you. Would you let me do it through a poem?

Feeling and clever words often reach deeper into our souls than narratives of logic. I’ve written poetry for years, easing back under the grind of writing chipur articles.

Almost a week ago, I decided to go short ‘n easy with the pieces I bring you – through Christmas. We’re past that now, but my gut tells me to keep it simple through the end of the year (anyway).

I wrote this poem Christmas Day, and I’d like to share it with you…

Surely You’re Not

Surely you’re not at the ending place
Behind where you began
In spite of the swell of loneliness
And the darkness you command

Maybe it’s time
(You’re hurting so badly and seeing no way out)
To ponder the truth of your circumstance
That fosters void and doubt

Somewhere within
You have to believe
You’ve weathered a harsher storm
But it’s hard to accept when your version of truth
Is tainted by outdated norms

Here now you stand
At the end of the line
But your mind would only deceive you
Reality begs for considered appeal
It seems it doesn’t believe you

chipur reader: The burden may be heavy, and you may have no idea as to how you’ll carry on – and emerge. But you’re not finished yet, okay?

Believe it…

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