A Thanksgiving Thought

What to Do About Depression

I couldn’t know how you feel about Thanksgiving, or what you’ll be doing. Perhaps you’ll be belly-deep in the traditional thing, chowing-down and mingling with family and friends. Maybe you’ll be flying solo, by choice – or not. Could be “Thanksgiving” is November 28th, and nothing more.

No matter, really. May this day be one of fulfillment, hope, and healing. And if you happen to be one who’s having a rough go of it, it’s my wish spending time on Chipur will bring you even a smidge of light and warmth. In fact, if you’d like to drop me a line, I’ll be checking my email throughout the day and evening – and will write you back.

Peace to One and All…


  • chipur November 29, 2013, 12:40 pm

    I’m taking the liberty of posting a comment pertaining to this post shared with me via email…
    “Was scrolling through Twitter, saw your post on Thanksgiving, and was touched that you approach the topic of holiday as you did. You are so right that there are many ways to view the day, but there are so many set ups for feeling bad, especially if your day appears different from what society dictates as ‘normal.’ I personally think there’s more atypical than ‘normal’ – whatever that’s supposed to be! Glad you offered up a diversion for those interested…I hope you have a nice day of your choosing.”