Acceptance: There’s Power in the Moment

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? More importantly, who? Are you willing to accept the image? I’m learning, and I’d like to share.

I received a very nice email of introduction yesterday from a man who produces the blog, The Invisible Dragon. Its subtitle is simple, Accept, Surrender, Move on…

I read one of Robert’s posts, under the heading Personal Development and found these powerful words…

Learning to cope with hardship remains a daunting task. When unfortunate occasions change our lives briefly or for longer periods: we must learn it is a natural part of our evolution. Things change; things come and go…our spiritual investment must help us see the beauty in transformation.

Essentially, our existence is but a moment; thus, let us not fight the winds of change or curse their predicaments. Consequently, let us be settled in our conjunction with the natural order of things: nevertheless, life is a constant state of flux. As a result, it is the mature consciousness that yields stillness and peace. Choose its remedy.

I think his words speak volumes to us, don’t you?

Most of us are no strangers to hardship. So often it comes with the depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder briefcase and territory. Be it symptoms, life-stressors, or emotional, mental, and physical turmoil; tough times are fairly easy to come by.

News flash! We’re human beings, and by nature we don’t like pain. And because we’re human, we’re sufficiently clever when it comes to finding comfort. Sometimes we make excellent choices; however, we’re not above bad ones.

And all in a valiant effort to remain reasonably warm and cozy.

You know, it’s amazing how folks who have something to offer us come into our lives out of no where. Witness Robert’s email, and my discovery of his blog.

I’ve previously shared I’ve been going through some life changes that have me feeling a wee bit unsettled. And I truly believe when the subterranean plates stop shifting I’ll be just fine. An even better – more fulfilled – person, in fact.

But goofball that I am, I’m doing all I can to expedite the process of change – largely because I don’t particularly like the discomfort involved. Thank goodness I’ve come to understand that if I continue my reckless driving – well, simply, I’m going to screw everything up.

All for a lack of acceptance.

Go back and read Robert’s first paragraph. What a great life-lesson for all of us. And I guess the question becomes, are we willing to accept our circumstances as essential to necessary change?

And even better, are we willing to accept there may be a spiritual power behind it all? I mean, feel and think about how powerful and hopeful a positive answer to that last question would be.

Finally, in the second paragraph of Robert’s words; how accurate is his emphasis upon the moment – the immediate? If only we could become experts at embracing the here and now, as opposed to our largely inaccurate thoughts and feelings regarding our outcomes and tomorrows. Yes, life is, indeed, “a constant state of flux.”

So go back and take another look in the mirror. Who do you see? What portions of the image are you willing to accept? And while you’re making-up your mind, never forget the natural interplay of hardship and change.

Are you in the process?