And He Wrote…and Wrote Some More

Writing poetry has always meant a lot to me. When I was deep within the pain of my emotions I’d write multiple poems a day. And the writing continued throughout my recovery. Thought I’d share one today…


What makes me what I am
And what I feel
How do my feet know the path
And my head the way

How do I know when the day has passed
With tomorrow at hand
How do I know yesterday’s gone
And long beyond my reach

When did I know the time had come to stand  on my own
When did I learn that hands were for holding
And hearts to share
When did I realize there was more in this world
Than me

Why did I know this was true

A million questions run through my mind
As I grasp that I’m here

But will the questions ever end
Will the answers flow forth

If only I knew

What questions fill your heart and mind? Answers? Just scroll up to the title to comment, or click on the title and scroll on down. Thanks!