At Wit’s End? To the Wall With You!

How to Prevent Depression

“I can honestly say I’m at wit’s end. I’m stale, bored, angry, and out of ideas. Worst part is, I’m not all that motivated to do anything about it. Help!”

These days, things aren’t clicking the way they used to. You’re a lot more edgy and easily irritated. And the thoughts and ideas just don’t flood forth like they did.

Everything involves buckets of effort – and, frankly, it’s getting tougher and tougher to come up with it.

Sure you’ve had your bumps in the past, but suddenly – no, it was building – the bottom has fallen-out. And you have no idea what to do about it.

So what is it? Are you in a rut? Is it boredom? Perhaps the onset of a “psychobabblish” major depressive episode? Could be all of the above, actually.

But it isn’t so much about the whats, as it is how to emerge (and keep it from happening again).

“Who Am I, Anyway?”

When the cupboard’s bare, it’s time to leave the superficial behind.

So, yeah, who are you, anyway?

Perhaps you once had the answers. But maybe you never knew. And if that’s the case, how long did you think it would take before it caught up with you?

Most of us can pull-off a load of compensating for a lack of self-identity. Oh, we become involved with careers, academic pursuits, relationships, substances, you name it. And we can become so good at it we end-up fooling ourselves – for looong periods of time.

But oh those chickens when they come home to roost!

To the Wall With You!

When was the last time you took a long and honest look at the real you? I know it’s very dicey business for most folks. But do you think you could give it a go – even if you don’t know how?

I’m willing to teach you…

I want you to head to your favorite discount store and buy several pieces of poster board. Have something else that will bring the same effect? Use it.

Tape whatever you decide to use up on a wall and grab a marker. It’s time to work-up an image of the right-now-you.

Oh relax, I’m not asking you to suddenly become an illustrator. But if you wanted to take a shot at a “likeness,” have at it. Hey, why not tape-up some images of yourself? And while you’re at it, be sure to write your name prominently somewhere in your work.

And now it’s time to get after it.

Tall order, to be sure. And that’s why I’m suggesting you handle biz in categories. Depending upon your personal situation you could incorporate…

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, family, recreational, professional, academic, sexual, wellness, illness, financial, and so on.

And then it’s on to randomly – straight from the gut – jotting down what it is that makes you “you” in each of your chosen arenas. Now this may take a session or more to get it all down to your satisfaction. That’s fine.

Absorb the Real You

When you’ve gotten as far as you’re able, it’s time to take a seat and absorb it all.

So what do you think? Are you pleased? Disappointed? Do you see obvious gaps? Is there way too much of you floating about?

Most importantly, what needs to change?

By the way, it may not do much for your interior decorating motif – but why not leave your work up for a while? At the very least, take it down and stick it back up for reference – and updating – on occasion.

Let’s Close

Feeling lousy and directionless is awful, isn’t it? And it takes every ounce of energy to pull the motivation together to do some something constructive about it. Right?

And that’s just one of the reasons I believe this activity is so strong. Yes, it’s engaging activity! On top of that, though it’s still about you, it diverts your attention from desperation – and takes you to a place of wonderful insights and answers.

Hey, don’t pull the deer-in-headlights bit in the midst of your personal misery. Take creative action.

To the wall with you!

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