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In addition to so many other things, we want this site to be a go-to source for emotional and mental health information and discussion. That said, we really don’t want to be in the business of passing judgment on what our readers bring to the table.

We’d much rather present information and let you comment, pro and con.

We recently received a comment on our post, This is your brain…on a pogo stick. Depression from Ros Rodriguez, development coach for focus on solution (fons).

He brought to our attention something known as Brain State Conditioning, and we commented we’d have a look at it and bring it to the blog for review. This is not an endorsement, rather a “bring it to your attention” post so you can perform your own due diligence and share your thoughts here. Okay?

According to Ros…
“Brain State Conditioning is an individually tailored process of balancing and harmonizing the brain. Brain function is manifested in electromagnetic energy which can be captured by detecting it or listening to it without being invasive. Brain energy can be detected from the outer scalp at specific points on the head using Intellectrodes. Ultimately, this process produces personalized exercises to balance and optimize your brain.”

Ros believes in the dynamics of individual neurons connecting with one another to form neural networks. And neurons are motivated to dance together by internal and external stimuli.

Ross suggests, as with anything biological, the brain, and ultimately the body, hum their best tune when all is in balance and harmony. And Brain State Conditioning strives to establish and maintain a state of balance and harmony in what he calls “dominant neural-networks.” It’s all about something we’ve discussed here several times, homeostasis.

Now, the work of these neural-networks produces electromagnetic energy, which Ros believes can be captured by “detecting” or “listening” to it. And doing so is non-invasive because this brain energy can be detected from specific points on the scalp using what Ros calls “Intellectrodes.”

After the detection process, exercises are initiated to “balance and optimize” the brain. According to Ros, referring to the hustle and bustle and toxic environmental realities of the 21st Century, “The brain shuts lots of neurons down to self-protect from all these modern contaminants resulting in brain deficiencies called Depression, Anxiety, Stress, ADD, PTSD, Phobias, Fear, Alzheimer’s, MS, Autism, and you name it.”

To augment Brain State Conditioning, Ros recommends drinking lots of water, meditation, omega-3, exercise, and attitude/lifestyle change.

So that’s a very brief taste of Brain State Conditioning.

What do you think? Why not comment?