S.P.A.: A Bulldozer Buster

Just like a bulldozer, life can push massive amounts of debris at – and over – us. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed, and we need to find as many Bulldozer Busters as we can to keep us thriving. Got one!

I published an article some time ago on a primo Bulldozer Buster. It’s a strategy I call S.P.A. Feeling overwhelmed has been a common thread in the emails I’ve been receiving lately; so I wanted to dust-off/touch-up the piece – and bring it to you once more.

Perhaps, like many chipur readers, your life is in a state of disarray and alarm. It really wouldn’t be all that unusual, especially in these times.

All too frequently it seems as though there are several crises going on at the same time. Right? Come on, the issue list – family, relational, financial, work, lack of work, school, emotional and mental, physical, and on and on.

Well, before we know it, this issueitis whips us into a huge state of alarm and frenzy. And we all too quickly become consumed – overwhelmed – by it. And now instead of dealing with the manageable number of issues life throws at anyone, we find ourselves laden with hell on earth – and we all but shut down because of it.

We have to make it our business to prevent this from happening. And I believe the way to pull it off is to begin with several deep abdominal breaths and one giant step back from the whirlwind. All we need do in the immediate is stop the momentum of the runaway train.

Only after we throw the brakes on the locomotive will we be able to consider our current woes as separate entities – as opposed to an impossible-to-handle wad of shtuff. I refer to the process of taking our pile of personal issues and separating them for processing and prioritized action as…

S.P.A.: Separate/Process/Action

By taking prioritized action I’m proposing dealing with our separated and processed issues in order of their potential impact on our lives. In other words, first deal with the issue causing the most immediate distress and move on down the pole from there. If we have a significant line-up of fires to extinguish, we’ll make it our goal to turn the hose on just one per day.

Now, if we’re really in a jam I suppose we could justify hosing-down another issue after we’ve finished our work on the one preceding it on our priority list. But, we have to be extremely careful as we may find ourselves falling back into the abyss that caused us to call upon S.P.A. in the first place.

Please give this strategy some thought and trial, as it holds the potential for allowing us to manage our woes in a very orderly and gratifying manner; which in turn will greatly minimize our mood and anxiety issues.

And imagine what we’ll be able to accomplish in a week’s time. I mean, we know what happens when we try to deal with a mega-lump of crises – nothin’. This isn’t rocket science. Taking the time to step-back and separate, process, and prioritize our issues before taking action will bring us so much peace of mind.

Doesn’t it make sense that it’s much easier to singly deal with issues in their proper priority, as opposed to fielding a huge, overwhelming, and out of control blob of issues that’ll cause us to short circuit? Please give this a go.

One final thought here. As we begin to knock-out these issues, before we nod off at night, let’s take the time to ask ourselves if we’re better off than we were the night before.

If the answer is yes, we’re going to feel a great sense of accomplishment. If it’s no, we’ll be able to gain some perspective on the work that needs to be done.

I can’t tell you how comforting that little exercise is!

So how ’bout it chipur readers, what do you think? Can you see using S.P.A. as your Bulldozer Buster? Why not comment?