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Charlotte’s Web: Real Person, Real Pain, Real Hope (Part 2)

Charlotte’s Web: Real Person, Real Pain, Real Hope (Part 2)

“I‘m in such a confusing and scary place right now…Are you sure there is hope for me?” A moving statement and question, don’t you think? Have you been there?

We began a series yesterday featuring chipur reader, Charlotte. She’s a 22-year-old woman who’s having a very tough time with derealization (dr) and depersonalization (dp). In great distress, she emailed me this past Sunday.

We’ve exchanged a number of emails since, and I asked if I could share our communication on chipur. She agreed, and that was the bulk of yesterday’s piece. Just click right here to read it.

The mission today is to help Charlotte connect-the-dots and move forward.

Her Feelings / My Thoughts

I’m going to present portions of the email segments from Charlotte featured yesterday. I’ll comment on each…

I spoke to you a few years back when I was suffering from dr/dp. I’m having a tough time again and wondered if you had any advice for me to overcome it? I’m taking fluoxetine (Prozac) at the moment (almost 3 weeks) and I don’t know whether it’s making it better or worse.

Given Charlotte and I discussed her dr/dp several years ago – and they’re causing problems again – we know she experiences remission. That means her dr/dp isn’t a permanent arrangement (never is). She’s been taking 20 mg (I learned later) of fluoxetine (Prozac) for three weeks, and she doesn’t know if it’s helping or hurting. Was the fluoxetine specifically prescribed for her dr/dp? Yes or no, I’m not so sure it will do the job.

But tonight, even though I feel unreal and everything feels really strange to me, I’ve had sort of a ‘numb’ feeling. It’s like I don’t even care what happens anymore, like if the world’s fake then so be it. I’m not sure if the tablets are working. I’m always a little better in the evenings anyway, and I’ve been able to manage the panic attacks tonight.

More dr/dp. The numbness and detachment she describes may be part of the dr/dp. It could also be a symptom of depression. I’m not necessarily talking about a major depressive episode. It may be depression associated with her anxiety. Charlotte isn’t sure if the tablets are working. It’s my guess they probably aren’t, nor should the expect have been there. But, hey, things are a little better in the evenings, and she’s been able to manage her panic. Very good.

Quite a few things have happened in the last few months. Been having trouble with my ex-partner lately (my children’s father) and I also moved three days before Xmas and that was really stressful. Maybe this has caused it? Not sure though, but it’s the only thing that I can think of…

Huge amount of significant information here. Charlotte’s current difficulty with the father of her children, along with the impact of adjusting to a new home environment, absolutely have the potential to generate dr/dp.

Okay, let’s put the brakes on Part 2. Actually, it was my intention to keep the series at two-parts. But there’s too much important information, and I refuse to cut things out.

Sooo, be sure to come back tomorrow. We’ll learn more about Charlotte’s situation, including her relationship with her ex. And, of course, I’ll have much more to say – especially about derealization and depersonalization.

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