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by | Sep 28, 2016

Doesn’t take long for the Chipur inbox to fill with emails containing “informative yummies.” Those would be relevant and useful tidbits of info from helping folk that need to get passed-on to you. So that means it’s time for another in our Chips Off the Old Block series. No time to waste, so let’s dig-in.

The Recovery Letters are all written with the intention to try and alleviate some of the pain of depression, to make the loneliness slightly more bearable and above all to give hope that you can recover.

Hey, real quick. I’ve included as many as seven features in a “Chips Off…” piece. This go-round we’re going with two. And that’s because both are mighty enough to demand a good bit of space.

Let’s go…

Alternative treatments for depression

Received an extraordinary email from Erin Kate Stair, MD, MPH, “affectionately” nicknamed Dr. Eeks. Well, she’s based in NYC and founded and operates Blooming Wellness, a health and wellness company specializing in effective stress-reduction and anxiety reducing tools. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s had her bouts with depression and “was failed by traditional medicine – the antidepressants nearly killed me.”

Seems the good doc is also an inventor, as she’s come up with some fascinating products. ZENBand is a lightweight, comfortable headband with inserted, flat speakers that plug into your phone. They put virtually no pressure on the ears, so they’re perfect for sound therapy, anxiety and stress relief, and much more. Heck, you can even pull it down over your eyes to keep out light, enhancing relaxation. And then there’s ZENTones, scientifically-crafted sounds for anxiety, sleep, depression, and stress relief.

Seriously, you need to check-out Dr. Eeks’ website, a healthy lifestyle promotion and wellness hub that balances western, alternative, and holistic approaches to diseases. From there you can access the blog, where you’ll find healthy recipes, fitness and stress-reduction tips, and “many more gems of natural health wisdom.” You’ll also be able to shop for a variety of ZENBands, ZENTones, and combo packages.

Oh, can’t forget to mention Dr. Eeks’ book, Food and Mood: Eating Your Way Out of Depression. Expect a review here in the not too distant future.

Blooming Wellness and Dr. Eeks are the cat’s PJs, people. Well worth your time.

How to treat depression

And then there was the heartwarming email from James of Brighton, UK. He shared that he produces a website called The Recovery Letters. James explained it publishes letters from people recovering from depression, addressed to those currently in the midst. All of the letters begin with “Dear You.” Very personal and touching.

James is all too familiar with depression, as he’s worked 20 years in social care. But that’s only a portion of his story. Like so many care providers (Dr. Eeks?), James has had his tussles with depression. In fact, The Recovery Letters was birthed five years ago while he was staying at Maytree Respite Centre, recovering from acute depression.

James now works in a library and spends time running the website. He also does public speaking about depression and mental health. He’s been interviewed regarding The Recovery Letters on BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, as well as other media outlets. And he has a book of current and new recovery letters coming up in August 2017. Shoot, he very kindly asked if I’d be interested in writing a recovery letter for it.

From the website…

The Recovery Letters are all written with the intention to try and alleviate some of the pain of depression, to make the loneliness slightly more bearable and above all to give hope that you can recover. We see recovery as self-defined but can include living alongside symptoms or being symptom free, being stable on medication or medication free but most of all living a life with some meaning.

Please visit The Recovery Letters. It’s a powerful, and hopeful, experience.

‘Til Next Time

Okay, then – another installment of Chips Off the Old Block. I love posting these, as it circulates such good information from caring people who’ve taken the time to drop me a line. It’s a win-win all the way around.

More to come, before you know it. See ya’ next time…

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