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by | Jun 13, 2016

Encouraging readers to email what’s on their mind has always been a priority here. And you’ve kept my inbox hoppin’. Most of what I receive really merits mention on Chipur, but I needed to come up with a practical way of getting the info to you. Problem solved. Here’s the first edition of Chips Off the Old Block…

The knowledge of what it is to suffer and to be desperate and helpless in the face of your distress, when no one really understands you, that’s what makes me so fascinated with this treatment option.

Man, there’s so much wisdom out there, not to mention resources. Try as I may to get all of the mood and anxiety disorder bases covered, it’s just not possible. Thank goodness many Chipur readers are newshawks, and report-in. It’s a huge advantage for all of us – as long as I get the info posted. Right?

Well, let’s get after our first edition of Chips Off the Old Block. Three worthy features coming your way…

Treatment Resistant Depression

Check-out the wonderful information, as well as passion and compassion, a physician recently sent our way…

I have read a few lists from your blog and I found it very interesting. I think that everyone who suffers from depression should see this footage.

(Editorial note: Here’s the “footage,” and it really is a must-see. It features the work of Dr. David Feifel at UC San Diego Center for Advanced Treatment of Mood and Anxiety Disorders.)

Dr. Feifel discusses his creation of a center for advanced psychiatric treatments.

Our doc continues…

Treatment resistant depressionThere is hope for people with multi drug resistant depression!!! Deep TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) has changed many people’s lives and it is FDA approved and covered by almost all insurance companies.

The problem is that there are a lot of misconceptions and misinformation about it. The media doesn’t speak about it and many psychiatrists don’t even know about it. I really don’t know how to increase the knowledge and the awareness for this magical treatment, but maybe you can help by writing about it.

(After replying to the doc’s email, inquiring about his motivation in sharing, I received this.)

Actually I tried the device of Brainsway, but not to treat depression, but to treat obsessive thoughts and anxiety. Unfortunately, the device was not effective for me because the clinic where I tried the device only had a depression helmet. The company is now conducting a large trial on obsessive-compulsive disorder, with a different helmet that contains a different magnet configuration, stimulating different areas of the brain than those of the depression helmet. If all goes well, FDA approval may be granted by early 2017, and a new hope for OCD sufferers will be available.

Although, unfortunately, I did not enjoy the treatment, I am well aware of the suffering that people experience when they are mentally distressed without responding to drug treatment. This awareness makes this technology solution fascinating for me, especially when I see evidence where people who have lost all hope after almost every possible treatment, return to a normal life.

Unfortunately, as a physician, I know that physicians are by nature conservative and not inclined to adopt innovative therapies and new technologies, especially in the field of mental health, and so many people continue to suffer even without knowing about this treatment option.

I can tell you personally, as a physician who also works in the community, that I once came across a woman who suffered from resistant depression. She turned to me to help her reach a country where euthanasia is permitted by law.

I asked her to contact a clinic that treats with deep transcranial magnetic stimulation, but she told me that they rejected her because her sister suffers from seizures and because the treatment may lead to seizures (rare event). It is absurd!!! The woman would rather take her life because she has no more strength to endure, but is denied treatment because of the risk of the appearance of seizures in the prevalence of 6/5,000.

The knowledge of what it is to suffer and to be desperate and helpless in the face of your distress, when no one really understands you, that’s what makes me so fascinated with this treatment option.

Healthline | Tattoos Inspired by Depression

How do you treat depressionA little over a year ago, my friends at asked if Chipur would support their Tattoos Inspired by Depression project. I was all in. Well, they asked again for this year, and I want to help ’em out.

If you’d like to share your depression inspired tattoo, and have it included in Healthline’s slideshow, here’s what to do. Send a clear photo of your tattoo and a short description to Be sure to make the subject “My depression tattoo.”

I’m told the slideshow has been highly successful in providing inspiration to the community. Over the past year, it’s received 295,000 views and over 12,000 social shares.

Super Down | A Podcast About Life with Depression

How to live with depressionSo they contacted me several months ago, and I’m just now giving them their props (Oops!). Super Down provides a unique (to say the least) “living with depression” delivery.

Let’s finish with their words…

Beyond the stigma and the black and white photos on tumblr, depression exists as a daily reality for many of us. Yet there are few voices discussing what daily life with depression is really like.

Super Down is here to change that, with consistent discussion, supportive & hopeful joy, and jokes. Lots of jokes. Join Will and Lauren as they discuss their experiences surviving day to day life, talk about current events in the world of depression, and offer up healthy activities for coping. The goal: hope for the depressed and knowledge for those who aren’t.

That’s a Wrap on Edition #1

So, what do you think? Chips Off the Old Block. Yeah, seems like a fit from my side of the fence. Maybe we’ll do one every 30 days or so.

A big thank you to our contributors: The Doc, Healthline, and Super Down. It doesn’t happen without you.

Let’s see what we come up with next time…

Hey, 677 Chipur titles to peruse. You know you want to.

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