Christmastime: Holy, Family, Joyous, Horrible?

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It’s Christmastime. A holy time, a family time, a joyous time, a horrible time. Just depends on your perspective and frame of mind, I suppose.

I’m good this go-round. After all, I’m writing this sitting amidst my children and granddaughter in Chicago. All is calm, all is bright. But I gotta’ tell ya’ – wasn’t always like this. Not by a long-shot. Heck, just read my last two articles.

So what about you? Holy, family, joyous, horrible – more? No matter, ’cause I get it. How ’bout I just wish you all of the peace, comfort, and cheer you can muster? And on to another year.

Happy Christmastime…


Oh, isn’t the image beautiful? The northern lights (aurora borealis) captured above fjords in Norway.