Cleansing (The Sequel): 10 Powerful Scrubs

We began a series yesterday on the benefits of a good-old-fashioned soul and mind cleansing. Let’s see if we can wrap it up today as we review 10 Powerful Scrubs.

Seems cleansing is so often associated with the physical – hands, colons (again,” e-yuck!”), etc. We thoroughly discussed that in yesterday’s piece. Oh, here’s a link.

But you know what? If the work ends with just the physical, it’s kind of like tidying-up the interior and exterior of your car and never changing the oil. Nice effort, but trouble’s coming soon.

Before we discuss our scrubs, I want to make sure we’re all connecting with the reasoning behind our mission. As I asked in yesterday’s article – What’s the present condition of your soul and mind? For those of you “old” enough to remember, the question is akin to a lyric from a 1968 psychedelic song by The First Edition (Kenny Rogers, lead vocals). “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.”

So back to your condition. Anything resembling a quality feeling or thought tough to come by these days? Perhaps you’re experiencing sluggishness, or maybe there’s just this huge void within. It may be a matter of great emotional and mental exhaustion, as you’re simply overwhelmingly tired.

Not surprising, given the caked-on gunk left by years of depression, anxiety, stress, mood cycling – you name it. Don’t you think?

Well, enough jib-jib – let’s get to work.

10 Powerful Soul and Mind Scrubs

  1. A true buy-in to the need for emotional and mental cleansing (and maintenance).
  2. The work has to be ongoing at predetermined intervals based upon your emotional and mental tolerances.
  3. Always keep in mind the interaction of the soul, mind, and body. Last time I checked, my head was still attached to my torso. I mean, what are necks for?
  4. An accurate assessment of self and circumstances is crucial. No chickens coming home to roost allowed.
  5. Learn and practice expression. Be it journaling, opening-up to others, assertiveness, learning to say, “No!” – it’s time to get busy.
  6. Come to grips with your anger, and learn to monitor and manage it.
  7. Remain emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically active.
  8. Learn how and when to rest.
  9. Engage with others, knowing when it’s time to pull-back and regroup.
  10. Learn and practice positive self-regard.

Our souls and minds work so hard for us day-in-and-day-out. You know as well as I how we put both of them to the test. Don’t you think they deserve a gentle cleansing?

Visualize, if you will, warm and fresh water slowly flowing over every surface of your soul and mind. What a wonderfully cleansing and soothing rinse! And when you’re all cleaned up, pause long enough to really feel the weightlessness after years of caked-on grime has been broken loose and flushed away.

Cleanse – to rid of impurities by or as if by washing. Catharsis – purification or purgation that brings about spiritual renewal or release from tension.

Isn’t it time? I think so.

What would you add to our list? What feelings and thoughts do you have? Please share with us in a comment (or two).