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Providing info you can trust every time we post is our top priority. That’s why we’re developing a network of contributors – clinicians and professionals who present content and answer questions.

Our team…

depression and anxiety relief

Sandra Toogood, BPharm

Sandra is a pharmacist, accomplished artist, and medical writer specializing in mental health topics. Inspired by her own experiences with mental health challenges, she turned to abstract painting as a form of self-expression and therapy during difficult times. Through her writing and art, Sandra endeavors to inspire others to explore the transformative power of creativity in navigating life’s challenges and nurturing mental well-being. Follow what she’s up to on LinkedIn.

depression and anxiety relief

Michael Vallejo, LCSW

Michael is a licensed clinical social worker with a private therapy practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He specializes in helping children and teens with mental health concerns. He is passionate about providing effective and compassionate care. He is an advocate for mental health awareness, and is the founder of Mental Health Center Kids, a website that provides resources and support for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals who care for children and teens.

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