Experiencing the coronavirus pandemic is stressful enough with standard brain wiring. But if that wiring kinks to a mood or anxiety disorder, this coronavirus business can absolutely mess with your head. If that’s you, here’s something to chew on…

It’s like we want to scream, ‘Stop!’ And, of course, we can’t make that happen.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is dominating just about every aspect of our lives. Doesn’t matter where you live, your political persuasion, how much money you have, your astrological sign, or what you were in a previous life – there’s no running from this baby, and its impact upon how things were.  

A Personal Message

If you’re enduring a mood or anxiety disorder, this something to chew on is exclusively for you.

My guess is you’re pretty spooked by what’s going-on. Geez, the changes, lack of order, uncertainty, interruption of freedom, desertedness, helplessness, and hopelessness. And let’s not forget the mortality factor. 

It all can be so powerfully anxiety-provoking and depressing. Heck, you thought you were already under the influence of some dark stuff. And now donning this opaque veil? Give me a break.

Now, this isn’t where I hit you with a cold “10 Things to Do…” But it is where I make my point…

I absolutely, positively believe we’re going to be okay when the waves finally head back to sea. Now, I didn’t say we’ll all come out unscathed. And we can’t be naive about mortality.

But, you know, I’m not so sure potentially losing one’s life to COVID-19 is really the primary issue for most mood or anxiety disorder sufferers. At least it isn’t for me. No, I think it’s more about those changes, lack of order, uncertainty, etc. I just mentioned. 

It’s like we want to scream, “Stop!” And, of course, we can’t make that happen.

In closing, it’s important to monitor disease updates, pay heed to recommendations and mandates, and play it smart.

It’s also incredibly important to check-in with self on occasion and make the necessary adjustments. For instance, keep in mind how we typically receive, interpret, and react to incoming stimuli. You know as well as I that we’re the champions of cognitive distortion. To name a few: catastrophizing, overgeneralization, and polarized thinking. 

Cognitive distortions exponentially increase fear and overall discomfort. I mean, who the heck needs that? So let’s remain aware of how we emotionally and mentally operate.

Thinking of You and Wishing You the Best

As we part company, I want to emphasize that I understand – I know – where you likely are in your head and heart just now. I also understand – I know – we’re going to make it through this.

And I deeply believe we’ll be stronger and more positively self-aware, with better coping resources, by virtue of our determination and success. You wait and see.

A little something to chew on…

will i always be depressed


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