12 Depression Busters for Seniors from Therese J. Borchard

The Baby Boomers have hit the 60 year mile marker. And that morsel of reality is bringing the issues of the elderly to the fore. Among them, the emotional and mental health disorders.

It isn’t hard to understand why the elderly are so prone to depression. Let’s see – a decline in quality of life, physical ailments, loneliness, dementia – all potentialities that can cause some problems.

So how ’bout some relief?

Therese J. Borchard

Author and blogger, Therese J. Borchard, has always been one of my favorites. Therese produces a wonderful blog, Beyond Blue: A spiritual journey to mental health.

I emailed Therese a few days ago, asking if I could peruse Beyond Blue and pluck a piece on depression in the elderly. Leave it to her – she replied in very short order with a link to just the article I was looking for.

So click right here for 12 Depression Busters for Seniors…

Thanks Therese!