Desperate Times? 10 “Un-Desperate” Measures

In the midst of desperate times, when all is seemingly so wrong; consciously, or otherwise, we often throw composure to the curb. Does it cure? Hmmm. Come on, let’s talk…

We’ve all heard the expression, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Oh, I suppose it holds water if an 18-wheeler is coming at us at 70 miles-per-hour.  But short of that, well, let’s show the expression (and the 18-wheeler) the door.

Okay, so it isn’t front page news – we’re going to face times of great desperation. And, of course, we’ll believe all hope is surely gone. Right?

Well, I’m going to crawl out on a limb and suggest these times are actually the very dawning of hope. Uh, that is if we manage them correctly.

So in anticipation of our next dance with desperate times (and the music may be playing right now), let’s get a little crazy and partner-up with…

10 “Un-Desperate” Measures for Desperate Times

  1. Think about this. Could this be a final settling of accounts? Yes, the chickens have come home to roost; and we’ll finally make things right. What great news!
  2. Is all the hub-bub being directed by our personal God? And if we don’t have one, could this be an unexpected introduction? How good is that?
  3. Find, and hold onto, who we know we are. It’s in there!
  4. Allow the situation, and our response, to evolve. Be patient! Be strong!
  5. Are the events at hand taking us to people we really need to get close to? People we’ve turned away?
  6. Right here – right now – is the very best of learning opportunities.
  7. As cliche as it may sound, character is being built.
  8. The whole mess is very likely not quite as bad as we may think.
  9. Our situation provides perspective into the suffering of others.
  10. We must believe WE WILL NOT PERISH!

I’ve known desperate times, chipur readers. Times when things looked so bleak for so long, that I really wondered if life was worth it. Times when it took every ounce of strength to climb out of bed and face another day. Times when my spiritually barren soul pleaded for God Almighty to intervene, and provide comfort. Times when the concept of “tomorrow” wasn’t even conceivable.

And, hey, I know you’ve known such times, as well.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by desperation, don’t you think it’s time we opted for a fresh mindset and response? I mean, look where our traditional methodology has gotten us.

I say hope abounds in desperate times. But only when we’re bold and daring enough to think and feel outside the box – and ask for more from every micro-inch of our being.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures?”

Nah, I don’t think so.

How ’bout you? Come on, share with us in a comment!