Do You Play a Mean Game of Deception?

Here’s a panic attack mind-play I believe will really hit home and be of great assistance.

Suppose you were on an airplane enjoying an incredibly smooth flight. Suddenly, it’s announced over the P.A. that three Boeing engineers, an official from the Federal Aviation Administration, a rep from the National Transportation Safety Board, and three airline captains are onboard.

About 15 minutes later, a spokesperson for all of them appears at the front of the cabin and makes the following announcement (oh, the Pope’s on board as well)…

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re conducting an exercise that’s been planned for some two years. You’re about to experience some horrifying turbulence. This plane’s going to bounce around like a steel ball in a pinball machine for exactly 30 seconds. But, given our preparation, we assure you that none of you will be harmed, and that a very comfortable and safe landing will take place in two hours and fifteen minutes, as scheduled.

Now, with the assurances of the experts that all will be fine, and given your co-passengers of note, do you think you’d have had the most massive panic attack of all time as the turbulence began? Or do you think you’d have semi-patiently waited it out?

Ask yourself this. If the turbulence began without the extraordinary circumstances noted, do you think you’d have been flipping out?

Do you get my point?

When we know all will ultimately be fine as we sense the approach of a panic attack, the panic attack just doesn’t happen.

Get it?

Rest assured, you can feel the worst panic attack in the history of the modern world coming on, and even if it came to pass you’d be just fine when it’s over. I mean, since when does a panic attack ever turn out to be as catastrophic as you thought?

So what does all of this tell you? I mean, can’t you see how beatable this whole mess is? You can tell yourself, as you sense a panic attack around the corner, “In the end, all will be fine. “ And if you truly believe this you won’t have the panic attack (why would you?). Just like you wouldn’t have flipped out when the spokesperson for the experts and aviators told you you’d be safe, and the flight would continue as scheduled, in spite of the turbulence.

Remember – and this is so huge. I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say…

99.9% of all non-physical health generated panic attacks that have occurred in the history of the world came as a result of mental spin. It’s all just one huge head game.

What do you think? You buyin’? And if you are, will you apply the message to your life?