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“I’ve run out of gas. When it comes to direction, inspiration, and motivation, I’m stuck on the side of the road. Once in a while I think of places I’d like to go – things I’d like to do – but nothing ever happens. Maybe I need a personal coach or mentor.”

Update 8.28.16: Due to a potential conflict with my State of Michigan professional counseling licensure, I am suspending this service. It’s my hope it can be resumed in the not too distant future. Please accept my apologies, and thank you for visiting Chipur.  Bill

Does our friend’s predicament feel familiar? Are you struggling? Stuck? Don’t know what to do or where to turn? Perhaps you’ve been thinking…

  • I have no direction or purpose in life, and can’t motivate myself to find either.
  • I’m seeing a therapist and she’s given me an ongoing important assignment. I need someone to push me to stay on it.
  • I’m trying to lose weight and can’t stay on track with what I need to do to meet my goals.
  • I’m constantly stressed-out and it keeps me from moving my life forward.
  • I’d really like to pursue a new career, but can’t get it together enough to effect change.
  • I’m just about where I want to be, but I need that extra something to get me over the top – and keep me there.

It could be any of the above or something else entirely. No matter. If you’re looking for a coach | mentor to help you figure-out where to go – or help you get there – I can help.

My Services…

  • This is distance work, so we’ll be using live audio/video (like Skype), telephone, email, text. Your choice.
  • Sessions are one full hour.
  • Flexible in terms of appointment days and times.
  • In addition to scheduled appointments, I can most often arrange to be with you when you’re in the midst of a tough time.
  • Session frequency is up to you, be it daily work or a one-time consultation.
  • Our work together will be within the context of coaching | mentoring, not professional counseling | psychotherapy.

Now, then, to the most important issue of all. Why would you want to work with me? Well, my ability to help is grounded in a unique blend of two perspectives…

  1. Panic attacks, generalized anxiety, anxiety-associated depression, and alcoholism ruled my life for decades. Through hard work, blind faith, and a never-quit attitude, I overcame all of them. So I know the misery and pinball life-direction within which you may be living. I know deep and dark hopelessness. And I also know the exhilaration of victory over a seemingly unconquerable adversary. Who better to guide you out of the woods?
  2. Though our work together will be within a coaching | mentoring context, I am a mental health professional with plenty of in-the-trenches experience.

Here are some testimonials for your review. I believe you’ll feel much more comfortable with my services after reading them. Know what? I’ll share one here…

Dear Bill,
You do need to know that you are one of the people for whom I’m most thankful. You are a blessing in my life and I’m grateful you are part of the world in which I live. Your wit, intelligence, compassion and insight are truly driven by a loving and wise heart. Thank you for so generously sharing your life with me so I can have hope beyond my own. You are amazing and gifted.
From a sincere heart

So let’s chat fees. I charge $90 per session. But if you pay a one-time assessment of $50, sessions are discounted 50%. That’s just $45! Would you like to save even more money? “Pay forward” at least three sessions and I’ll drop the discounted fee to $40 per session.

If you believe coaching | mentoring services are for you, it’s time to take action.

I invite you to drop me a line and inquire about my services. I’ll reply within 24 hours and we’ll begin the process of deciding if we have a fit.

Know you want to move forward? Pay your $50 assessment now. As soon as I receive word of your payment I’ll do the “line-dropping” and we’ll get things going.

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  1. Avatar

    Heard of the wonder of GLXY-13 but it may hit the shelf a few years later. For us who desperate now, what are the available options. Anyway, to get GLXY-13 right now? Currently taking high doses of antidepressant (3 types of different classes) with little relief.

    • Avatar

      Hi Jay!
      Thank you for visiting Chipur and commenting. You know, one of the difficult things about posting the news of a potential “miracle drug” is knowing its availability is likely way down the road. I always hesitate to write these pieces for that reason, yet I know it’s “news” and I have to give it some press. Really sorry you’re having such a tough go of it on antidepressants from three classes. Here’s hoping creative relief can and will come quickly. Thanks again for your participation…


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