Emotional Rain

Did you ever go through a time when the emotional rain came, and it continued to pour for days on end? Oh, I suppose times like these come to most everyone; but I’m thinking a bit more frequently to those of us who endure mood and anxiety distress. How ‘bout you – what do you think?

Where does one go, and to whom and what do they turn, when it seems there’s no hope? I mean, when the punches just keep coming, how does one survive? And why would one even want to live for the next moment when all it brings is anticipation of the next jab?

In the midst of this, what gives us the motivation and resolve to move forward? For that matter, what’s the true definition of “moving forward?”

For some, when the storms blow-in there is no forward motion. In the grasp of their present circumstances, temperament, and life experience they simply shut down. In terms of personal resources the cupboard’s bare. And there’s no fuel to muster any manner of resilience and fight.

For others, putting one foot in front of the other is at least possible; however, that’s really the only sign of life in a mentally and emotionally dim existence.

And then others forge ahead, seemingly unaffected by the downpour.

I wonder where you believe you fall on this spectrum of response. I wonder about my own pattern of reaction. You know, you take it and take it and take it – and then some. And you ponder two things, really. How much more is coming, and how much more can I take?

Feelings are amazing, aren’t they? They can bring us to the heights of joy and fulfillment, and they can lead us to distraction with their intensity and intrusion. When my funnel is full it weighs so heavily on me.

But, then, as if out of nowhere, a surge of perspective presents and I experience a splash of thankfulness for having the ability to at least feel such emotion.

Many don’t.

It’s during the most difficult of times that I learn exactly where I lie on the spectrum of response. And in these times, somehow and someway, feelings and thoughts from one of my poems come to the fore…

In The End

In the end the words will come
Never worry, I know it’s true
And the very action you always doubt will be there
I’m certain

A strange kind of wisdom
Has grown so deep inside your troubled heart
And a miraculous power without notice is alive
And at call

I know
So be calm
All truth is there
And it waits so quietly by your side

Emotional rain. Been drenched lately? How ’bout sharing in a comment???

image courtesy – Ad Meskens