Enough already: How to wrap-up a very trying year

by | Nov 24, 2020

Has this been a year, or what? At times it’s felt like three. Enough already. Well, the good news is we’re down to the final weeks. Still, we need to properly wrap-up what was a very trying year. Here’s my take, and how I’ll get it done…

So many questions beg for answers: What really went on? Are my perceptions accurate? Where am I in all of the madness? How did I hold-up?

COVID-19, social injustices, protests, riots, elections – and the anxiety, anger, depression, and stress that came with them. By the end of the year it will have been 1,095 days of madness packed into 365.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

As of this posting, we have five weeks of 2020 remaining. Who wouldn’t believe it’s best to blow through them, quickly putting it all behind us? But five weeks are five weeks, and I’m not giving them up.

It may have been a trying year, but I deserve a proper wrap-up. And all of the madness in the world isn’t going to stop me. No blow-off’s, lazily waiting for a supposed fresh start on January 1.

Do you feel the same?

The holidays

The first order of business are the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving. I understand turkey day won’t look the same as in years past, but it’s on. If I choose to show for a gathering, I’ll make sure the attendance numbers stay within safe limits. And I’m just fine with wearing a mask and social distancing.

But maybe I’ll stay home. If I do, it’s still Thanksgiving Day – even if that means a cold-cut turkey sandwich while doing whatever.

covid-19 and christmas

“I’m still coming down your chimney, so give with the cookies and milk.”

Then there’s Christmas. And it’s not just the day itself that’s special, it’s the lead-up that begins the day after Thanksgiving. It’s on.

In my book, you just don’t mess with Christmas. There are way too many memories and traditions involved – so much spirit and love. I mean, what do we have left if it all falls by the wayside? And the scary things is, I believe there are those who would be just fine with turning their backs on it.

As it applies to the virus and Christmas? For me, the same protocol as Thanksgiving.

What was and what will be

So now I have the holidays handled, but there’s just one more piece to my wrap-up: reflection. I have five weeks left in the year to reflect upon what was and what will be. And I can’t think of anything more productive than pondering a trying year – and what’s to come.

So many questions beg for answers: What really went on? Are my perceptions accurate? Where am I in all of the madness? How did I hold-up? What did I learn? Did I grow? What does the future hold? What if there’s more of the same? Should I risk optimism?

I’ve already begun asking myself those questions, and doing my best to provide answers. It’s been beautiful. And how very sad it would be to endure what we have without anything positive to show for it. What a colossal waste.

Let’s “wrap-up”

It’s been a year – as difficult as they come. Sure, we’re down to just five weeks, but I’m not giving-up valuable time in an effort to forget 2020 occurred.

You don’t want to do that, do you?

Like me, perhaps you’ll do a proper wrap-up – enjoying your version of the holidays and producing something positive from the madness. Don’t waste time you’ll never get back. Have the guts and determination to question, answer, learn, and grow.

You’ll be all the better for it.

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