Just Who Are You, Anyway? Make a list based upon mine…

Let me ask you a terribly blunt question. Who are you? No, I’m not referencing the song by The Who. Okay, I’ll go with a bit of a lyric – “I really wanna’ know.” And I’m thinkin’ you may, as well. By the way, I’m going with the “who” of self, not the “what.” Big diff.

In the midst of so much going on in my life, much of it intensely challenging, I’ve found it all the more valuable to stay tuned-in to who I am. And this concept of self is something I touch base with, and reassess, daily – if not minute-by-minute. I have to, yes; but I really really want to. It’s not a chore, it’s a choice.

I’m sharing this strategy because it’s such a great fit with our work as of late here on chipur. It’s been all about staying focused on the forest, not the trees, of our existence. And I absolutely believe being confident and secure in a flexible vision of who we are is one of the very foundations of our lifestyle management regimen.

To serve as an example, let me share the “who” of it regarding Bill as I’m writing this…

  • I’m not the victim of my disorders and circumstances, nor will I allow anyone else to be
  • I operate chipur and do all I can to bring quality and relevant content to my readers and clients – and be there for them
  • I’m a counselor who provides comfort and immediate solutions for those in crisis in the E.R.
  • I love and support my children
  • I’m wrapping-up some tasks so I can begin a relaxing, yet productive, weekend later this evening
  • I am a champion who endured over the decades and won the war against damned near impossible odds
  • I’m not going to allow any degree of emotional, mental, and physical distress to get in my way – or interfere with my interactions with others

Are you seeing where I’m going with this? What you just read is a solid description of just who I am at this very moment. And as my thoughts and feelings change, I adjust some of the finer points of my vision of self. But through it all, I stay loyal to what I know are my most basic foundational principles – which would actually comprise yet another list.

I’m suggesting you swirl around what I’ve had to say. With all of the distress we endure, self-inflicted and not, we need to create and rely upon the most fundamental concepts of self and existence.

Why not take the time right now to draft some lists of your own. What a difference it’ll make in your life with regard to knowing who you are, and actually coming to like him or her. And if there isn’t a lot to like (in your humble opinion) what better way to pinpoint and approach opportunities?

Your thoughts and feelings are everything chipur is about. Won’t you comment?