Feelings Straight From the Heart

To be able to very simply and freely write is something I’ve always loved. But having the responsibility of bringing you a variety of subject matter often makes it impossible. That isn’t the case today.

You know what’s cool? I knew I needed to publish an article today, but had no idea what I wanted to write about. Oh, I considered pieces focusing upon overcoming depression, how to beat anxiety, and medications for bipolar disorder. Uh, no.

Whether it’s a Holiday Season thing, or just being Bill (highly likely); I’m brimming with emotion. So I’m sitting here at my laptop, without knowing where all of this is going to go; just turning to what comes naturally – writing to each of you straight from the heart.

I’m comfy in my multi-windowed living room enjoying the warmth and light from a sunny day. An accumulation of snow sure increases the wattage. Actually, I’m sitting at the very place you see in the image.

There’s so much in my heart and mind I want to express. And it’s just a matter of slowing things down enough to pick the ripest fruit. Have you been there?

Ah, here we go! How ’bout I share of slice of my life?


Growth is a bittersweet and frustrating phenomenon, isn’t it? I’m 56-years-old and after decades of panic, anxiety, depression, and alcoholism – and a baloney business career – came upon my life’s passion and work just seven years ago. More of the story is here; however, the bottom-line is I went to grad school and earned my counseling credentials.

I knew I was, in effect, starting all over again when I decided to implement such drastic life change; however, I don’t know that I understood how far-reaching the fallout would be. Very definitely, my new journey impacted my ex-wife, son, daughter, brother, sister-in-law, and father – all of whom have been incredibly loyal and supportive.

The Question

Let me ask you something. Do you ever feel like you know where you want to be in terms of you, and in life – and you know you’re close, but you just haven’t arrived yet?

And, of course, during the evolving and growth, we so often beat ourselves to a pulp over where we ought to be; and who we’ve let down. Pretty cruel and unusual punishment, don’t you think?

But you know what? Once we’ve found, and begin to live, our life’s passion; we can enjoy a true sense of comfort. ‘Cause we at least know we’re in the right neighborhood – even though we’re still in the process of finding the right home.

I’d like to share a reformatted version of a poem I wrote eight years ago, entitled, In the End…

In the end, the words will come. Never worry, I know it’s true. And the very action you doubt will be there. I’m certain.

A strange kind of wisdom has grown so deep inside your troubled heart. And a miraculous power, without notice, is alive and at call.

I know, so be calm, all truth is there. And it waits so quietly by your side.

It shall come.

Well, clouds have overtaken the sun, and it’s a bit colder in here. But that’s okay, ’cause I’ll turn on a lamp, warm-up my coffee, and grab a sweater.

Everything will be just fine…