“Dang, Bill, life is at its absolute worst right now. I feel miserable, pure and simple. Purpose? Hope? I gotta’ tell ya’, I just dunno’ anymore.”

As a counselor, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard statements like that.

But I’ll go ya’ one better. I’ve made similar statements over the years. Geez, don’t ever forget you’re reading the words of an anxiety and mood disorder veteran. Been there, done that people – and have emerged every time.

So let’s cut to the chase here, okay? What are you supposed to do when “that feeling” comes a callin’? The very one expressed in our opening quotation. Yes, the very one that leaves you feeling hopelessly trapped, seemingly without any possible means of escape.

You know as well as I that you have plenty of choices – good and bad. And unfortunately, all too many folks find it difficult to allow reason to rule the day, and some pretty nasty outcomes can come crashing down. No doubt about it, no two minds are alike – some can hack it, others can’t (or so they believe).

Come on, we all know there aren’t too many people out and about who relish horrible and hopeless times. And when they arrive, as they always will, it’s human nature to do everything possible (and impossible) to dance around the pain. One way or another, the dance comes in the form of coping mechanisms – some healthy, some not.

Well, enough lead-in, let’s get down to perspective and relief by swirling around 10 Chipur Tipurs that’ll come in handy when you’re in the midst of the worst life can dish out…

  1. I’m betting the duration of the storm won’t be nearly as long as you think.
  2. Right up there with duration, I’m thinking the severity of the storm isn’t as bad as you perceive it to be.
  3. Odds are you’ve endured equal – or worse – over the years, and emerged (all the stronger, by the way).
  4. Choosing to participate in unhealthy coping activities (you know your personal preferences) will only prolong your misery.
  5. Right here, right now, you’re faced with a vital and lasting life and self-learning opportunity. Take off your track shoes!
  6. Crawling into bed and pulling the covers over your head may buy time, but solves nothing.
  7. Whining, though possibly justified, will get you nowhere.
  8. Where does it say life won’t have it’s overwhelming moments? (And where does it say you can’t endure them?)
  9. You’re being asked to deal with something totally out of your comfort zone. How cool is that?! Get creative and answer the call.
  10. Like it or not, what you’re enduring is present and real. All that matters is what you’re going to do about it, as you move forward.

If you’re like me, life was at its absolute worst many times. But then that means we were able to cycle out of the storm for extended periods of tranquility. Right?

Okay, yes, life can become a nightmare from time to time. But you know that really isn’t the issue here. Wouldn’t you agree that what really matters is how we challenge and manage dire circumstances?

Hope? Purpose? They may seem distant, but they’re ever-present. Question is, are you willing to believe, search, and discover?

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