Grounding & Healing Meditations: Relevant & Meaningful

How many times do I have to shout, “chipur readers are incredible!” Here’s just another example, as Linda from Belleville, IL shared some relevant and meaningful information I’d like to pass along. And that’s because sharing is what we’re all about.

Apparently Linda follows a meditation website, Explore Meditation for Spiritual Growth, produced by Australian, Nigel Coates. I’ll provide a link at the end of the article. Incidentally, “Hello” to Kate, an Australian client of mine.

Well, then – here’s a summary of a piece, Grounding and Healing Meditations, that Nigel included in a recent newsletter. He wrote it specifically for those “…who have recently been feeling out-of-sorts.”

Is that a fit, or what?

Nigel starts by confirming the development of a sense of spirituality is not the easiest thing in the world to do. As he puts it, “…it is not always smooth sailing.” But the very cool thing is, in time, our very perception of our surroundings changes and our energy level begins to increase. To bring the point home, Nigel uses a sweet metaphor – “a butterfly in a cocoon.”

But he emphasizes receiving the full benefit of such work requires dedication and practice. And that bit of reality shouldn’t be shocking to any of us.

Nigel moves on to share a concept we’ve always believed in and discussed here on chipur. In order for change to occur, it must become a part of who you are. And that means taking a long hard look at just who you believe you are and what you’re basing it upon.

And this is just another way of looking at good-old-fashioned cognitive work. It’s a matter of uncovering all of our distortions and making the necessary adjustments. I’ve said it time and again, this is always the first order of business for all of us. Techniques are fine; however, rather useless if we don’t first transform our thinking.

To facilitate this transformation, Nigel mentions three grounding and healing meditations from Brad Austen. I’ll provide a link to his site, as well.

And within the context of healing, grounding is extremely important because we’re going to ask ourselves to dive into uncharted waters. How much more comforting is it to know we’re firmly anchored as we leap off the boat. Now, Brad proposes an attachment to the “earth mother.” However, this is a spiritual exercise, so the object that secures your anchor is entirely up to you.

The three meditations are…

  • Grounding /Connecting to Source
  • Neural Pathway Visualization
  • Inner Peace / World Peace Meditation

Space restrictions prohibit me from providing the details, so I encourage you to visit Nigel’s site first – then Brad’s. These meditations, and others, abound. Just click on the links, okay?



How ’bout it, chipur readers, worthy of a look-see? I sure think so. Your comments before and after would help us all. Won’t you share?