Happy New Year!

new years resolution

And here we are, at that moment in time when closing the door means opening another. Walking-out means coming-in. Switching off the light means turning it on. Saying good-bye means a welcoming hello…

You know, in my many moons on the planet, I can’t think of a more curious transition to a new year. So many of us desperately want to leave 2020 miles behind, yet find it difficult to welcome – trust – 2021.

And so the times intimidate us.

I’ve chosen to embrace – yes, trust – the new year because I really do believe it can be wonderful. But I guess it all comes down to one’s take on how that looks.

Don’t know about you, but I’d gladly settle for the light, warmth, and hope I draw from that fireplace above.

That’ll do fine.

So how are you feeling going into the new year? Are you ready to trust 2021? Are you ready to open the door, come-in, turn on the light, and give and receive a welcoming hello?

I think we ought to give it a go…

Wishing you light, warmth, and hope throughout the new year…

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