Happy Thanksgiving! (…unconventionally)

You know, I’m so ready to write this piece. And that’s because all I want to do is express my warmest regards to each and every one of you.

I can’t stand convention! Funny, I was clicking through images for the article and thought, “Okay, let’s find something ‘Thanksgivingy.'” Well, it took about five-seconds to come to the conclusion – “No!” No cornucopias, no Pilgrims, no Norman Rockwell paintings, and certainly no overfed and ready for the butcher turkeys.

Look at the image – I’ve shared it before. I love it. To me, it’s everything welcoming, secure, peaceful, and calm. So how better to visually represent my message to you?

I’ve acknowledged it time and again here on chipur and in my newsletter – the following 39 days are darned difficult for so many of us. There’s just so much emotional intensity coming at us from every possible angle – past, present, and future.

So you can be sure a naive and plastic “Happy Thanksgiving” is the last thing I’ll be serving-up.

Before I close, here’s the chipur goings-on for the next day or so. I won’t be publishing anything new until, perhaps, late afternoon or early evening Thanksgiving Day.

But know this – the porch light will be on 24/7! And that means you’ll see the usual thought for the day, I’ll be replying to comments, there are always tons of articles to read, and you can email me anytime; and a reply will be comin’ right back atcha’.

The point is, chipur and I will be here should you need us.

I’m sending you everything that special image means to me – a sense of welcome, security, peace, and calm!

Happy Thanksgiving! (…unconventionally)