Holiday Check-In: The Day After Thanksgiving

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So here I sit, having just consumed a piece of cannoli cake. Oh, and then there was that glass of cold milk. Really wanted to post, but not feeling like anything long and heavy.

And then it came to me. Why not do the occasional Holiday Check-In piece ’til we ring in the new year?

Perfect! It allows me to keep chipur buzzing at a time when you can use all the diversion you can get. And it gives you the opportunity to chime-in regarding what’s going on in your neck of the woods (that’s why there’s a comment section).

Had a nice time yesterday at the home of some friends. Family mixed-in, as well. Not a large gathering – just right. And it wasn’t a long, drawn-out affair (that was “just right” too).

So we visited (watched football) for about an hour and a half, chowed down, chatted some more (watched the second game), and went our separate ways. All said and done, there really was plenty for which to be thankful.

Okay, I’ll share a secret with you.  My heart’s a little achy and I could work-up a lump in my throat (and some tears) if I really tried. Thing is, I miss my son, daughter, and granddaughter.

See, they’re in the Chicago area and I’m here in the ‘burbs of Detroit. Not going to happen for us this Thanksgiving Weekend, and I don’t much like it. But you know what? It ain’t gonna’ change, so it’s up to me to find ways to move beyond it.

Wanna’ know what helps? Well, I know they’re together and having a great time with each other – and their friends. So I guess when you think about it, as long as those you love are in a good place, you can live with your own “wish it could be otherwise.”


Back to Life by Keith Richards (engaging read).

How ’bout you? What’s going on on your side of the fence?

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