Hope: The Living Reality for 2014

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Once again, we begin a new year. Okay, it’s purely a calendar thing; however, it presents an opportunity for demarcation – leaving yesteryear behind and looking to what lies ahead.

How is it with you – in the immediate – as chronology transitions you from past to future? You may be on a positive roll, praying momentum continues. Perhaps you’re ending the year flatter than a pancake, desperately longing for something – anything – to elevate your circumstances.

No matter, hope always looms large. And in my book, hope is absolutely a living reality.

Check-out this telling definition of hope from merriam-webster…

To want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen or be true.

Pay particular attention to the “…and think that…” part. That means when hope is alive, we actually believe we can secure what we want, what we need.

Hope always was, and will always be, everything to me. That’s because it’s the one thing I’ve been able to grasp-on to when the cupboards were bare. And it’s still there for me, as it is for you.

Hope: The living reality for 2014, and always.

To each and every one of you – thank you so much for stopping-by during 2013. It’s my hope (there ya’ go) you’ll continue to do so throughout the coming year. And I promise to give you plenty for which to come back.

Peace, warmth, and comfort, k?

Happy New Year…