Darn dicey time to be on the planet, isn’t it? As though a pandemic wasn’t enough, we continue to be stunned by a heinous life-taking act – and its fallout. “I am so sick of this world,” she said. I get it, I really do. Still, we can’t lose hope…

I’m here to tell you the only way to offset the awful emotional and mental effects of chaos is to create and sustain a deep feeling of hope.

Been around the block a time or two and have experienced my share of national and international mayhem. I try to stay away from the GOAT thing, but what we’re struggling through now ranks right up there.

The murder of George Floyd and the riotous aftermath – on top of a deadly pandemic – are way too much to absorb. And for those enduring a mood and/or anxiety disorder it all can be smothering. 

That brings me to our quotation…

This past Sunday afternoon I checked-in with the Chipur Facebook group, expressing my feelings about the Floyd murder and rioting. In wrapping-up my post I encouraged members to share their feelings about the goings-on. It wasn’t long before one of them replied…

“I am so sick of this world…that’s it.”

I don’t know how one could better summarize the personal impact of our present circumstances. I mean, the sentiment may have been on the tip of many tongues throughout the pandemic. But with the addition of the Floyd events, out it came.

Not that the member required a reply, but all I could come up with was, “One tough place in which to live a simple and peaceful life.”

Ain’t it the truth?

Still, we can’t lose hope

george floyd death

Hope: Sustaining & Everlasting

Okay, I too am sick over the death of George Floyd and the subsequent horrible destruction of lives and property – on top of a pandemic.

Yes, I want to write about it, but I’m not interested in presenting social or political commentary.

My only concern is the emotional and mental welfare of the mood and anxiety disorder sufferers who may be reading this piece. Encouragement and support are dispensed here, and I really need to offer a dose.

Yep, I want to help. So let’s consider the power of hope…

I’m here to tell you the only way to offset the awful emotional and mental effects of chaos is to create and sustain a deep feeling of hope. I can honestly say I carry it with me as I write.

You may ask, “How did you pull that off, Bill?”

Well, earlier I said I’ve been around the block a time or two. When it comes to living within emotional/mental disordered circumstances that equates to forty-six years. And were it not for a whole lot of hope over that two score and six, you wouldn’t be reading this piece.

So let’s just say necessity spawned hope. And if it wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be, sustaining it wouldn’t have mattered. 

But I’m thinking it’s the same for you, though maybe not for as long (yet). Look, if you’re visiting Chipur it’s likely you’ve experienced your share of struggles. And I’m guessing, whether you realize it or not, it’s taken large quantities of hope to keep you plugging along. Maybe even to keep you alive.

All considered, creating and sustaining hope can’t be a foreign concept to you. And you can use what you’ve worked hard to develop to get you through these, yes, smothering times.

We have to keep moving forward

Who could ever have imagined dicey times like these? I mean, only the darkest of nightmares could lead so many to say, “I am so sick of this world.” You know, I actually shuddered as I wrote that again.

But through it all, and forevermore, it’s on us to turn to the great sustainer – hope. And let’s not ever let go.

Respects for the life of George Floyd, and to his family and friends.  

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